10 IEDs Discovered Along Southern Border by Mexican Authorities
Fox Business: A federal law-enforcement source shared with FOX Business Network an internal officer safety alert dated December 13th that warns CBP agents to be vigilant after the Mexican military seized 10 improvised explosive devices (IEDs) at the border (Fox Business). Charlie Kirk: What in the fresh hell is this? 10 IEDs have been found at the US-Mexico Border. 12,000 mostly military aged men every day crossing with deadly fentanyl. Chinese nationals crossing in large pods. Hundreds of terrorist “gotaways’” We are being invaded by a foreign force (X). Cartel Watch: The IEDs were found by Mexican authorities after Tucson border patrol observed gunshots at the U.S.-Mexico border and a Tucson supervisory border patrol agent arrested an armed person on the U.S. side who had a loaded AK-47 rifle, two loaded AK magazines, loose rounds and a handgun (X).

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  • Why not... let the Mexican Government mine their side of the border... viola, no more illegal entries.  Pay the members of the Mexican military and federal police a bounty for every illegal alien returned to their home nation... require both ears as proof of deportation.... just kidding only one ear is suficient.

  • What is this... How about TREASON... 

  • Add it all together and you can spell the root cause,

           G-L-O-B-A-L-I-S-T  A-G-E-N-D-A  2-0-3-0.

    Resident of the White Home is the boot lick enabler.

  • "What in the fresh hell is this?"  Maybe a patriot got sick and tired of putting up with the BS at the border and decided to do what our military should be doing!

    hmmmmmmm, we only had decades to think about this and we still are surprised? We are being invaded by the enemies. China, Islam, communism is murdering our military aged young with drugs, they are brainwashing our population in our own schools and all over the internet, day by day they are pouring into the USA, sleeper cells all over the country to be ready when the call comes! 

    • Maybe you are right. Who else would have?

    • Now they will destroy this guy to make sure no others will take matters into their own hands......while the government does NOTHING!

    • Can ANYONE SCREAM TREASON... wholesale treason within our government?  The ongoing invasion is not happening in a vacuum.  Every member of Congress should be asking the question... Is treason now the policy of the Federal government?

    • Surely no member of Congress can throw hands up in pretended despair claiming the border problem is intractable knowing.....DONALD TRUMP DID SOLVE IT IN HIS FIRST TERM; only to be followed by Quid Pro Joe who refixed the issue now currently to the Progressives liking, and ultimately to the Globalist agenda of weaponized disruptive migration into the First World. All office holders who stand idly by are complicit.

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