THOUGH YOU HAVE NOT BEEN ELECTED TO Mayor, City Council, Your State's or The Washington D.C. Federal Senate's or House Of Representative's; Do You Consider Yourselves qualified to require Law and Order in Your Communities and the Continuance of OUR CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC of THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA?                                          Do You Pay Taxes, do you work, attend school, are you a law abiding member of an American, (born or naturalized), Family.???  IF YOU ANSWER YES TO THIS---YOU DAMN SURE ARE QUALIFIED----YOU MR.& MS. AMERICA ARE THE BOSS ! ! !  THOSE OFFICIALS WORK FOR YOU                 Along with this is the RIGHT TO SELF DEFENSE.  Cutting to the quick here:  Like you, i am seeing too many gun crimes daily.  Now 5 months back i asked our Texas governor Abbott to stand up an armed civilian militia which would require all gun owners to do regular periodic weapon registration and classes for safety and function as well as military practices to defend our communities, ( THINK--How Many Foreign Illegals of Military age and fitness do we have here who might become lethal terrorists AGAINST YOUR AMERICA !?).  Given the present circumstances we need our governors and legislators to expediently legislate this change for orderly and mandatory arms control under such a structure. 5 months ago I asked this of Abbott as you read here.  Sure he let the gun sales loose, (which has facilitated violence), but as to the rest it is incomplete.  SCREW THE POLITICS this needs to be undertaken RIGHT NOW....AMERICA can NOT SURVIVE with Criminals and Terrorists on the loose.  Save Your country's Communities and Families......GET WITH IT AMERICA.

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