A Simmering Rage in America

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This will be a long post.  Please bear with me.  I know I'm right.  
"The only thing new in the world is the history you don't already know".  -- Harry Truman
The continual and relentless attacks on Donald Trump have made him more than just a man.  He has become the symbol of a simmering rage in America, a rage that is growing.  Even if Trump was killed, he and what he represents would become even stronger.  He has become a symbol, a symbol of a movement that grows stronger the more it is attacked and will not be defeated.  
Look at history and it will all make perfect sense.  
Jesus challenged the Rabbis, marching into the Temple and flipping over the tables of the money changers, asking why the People had to pay to pray.  For that, He was brought up on spurious charges and, at the behest of the Rabbis, killed by the Romans.  Unbeknownst to both Romans and Rabbis, His murder only grew a movement that neither Romans nor Rabbis could control.  Oh, they tried their best, even throwing early Christians to the lions in the Coliseum.  The more they tried, the more they failed.  Christianity grew and eventually overwhelmed the World.  God would not be denied!    
In 2017 Donald Trump marched into Washington and challenged the Establishment and Deep State, figuratively flipping over the tables of the lobbyists and big donors.  For that "sin" he has come under relentless attack, to the point of having [spurious] criminal charges filed against him by a George Soros supported Manhattan prosecutor.  Said charges will ultimately fail, but that's not the point.
All this has done -- ALL IT HAS DONE -- is make Trump and his movement stronger!  The more the Left tries to attack us and Trump, the stronger and more resistant we become.  WE WILL NOT SUBMIT!  After Alvin Bragg filed his weak and empty indictment, Trump's poll numbers leaped up 10 or 15 points.  Trump is more popular now than before the indictment.  "Didn't think of that, did you, Alvin?"  
If the Left had a brain and really wanted to defeat Trump -- AND US -- they should have simply ignored anything and everything he did.  They should have just kept him out of the news.  But they just couldn't make themselves do that, could they?  Instead, they continually focused their hatred of freedom and America and the Constitution on Trump and, by extension, us.  We knew what was really going on, didn't we?  
We are told we must learn to love and accept every deviant and violent social aberration the Left can think of -- trannies, homosexuals, child porn, criminals, BLM, ANTIFA, so-called social justice (whatever that is), anti-Christianity, Satanism, Communism, authoritarianism, and on down the list.  
They scream for their "rights" that have, supposedly, been denied.  Really?!  Someone tell me, what rights do they NOT have?  Have they been denied freedom of speech?  Can they not practice their religion, or lack thereof?  Can they not peacefully protest?  Can they not practice freedom of assembly?  Can they not vote?  Can they not lawfully keep and bear arms?  Can they not petition their government for a redress of [legitimate] grievances?  Can they not engage in free enterprise?  Are they not equally protected by law and the Constitution?  Someone tell me.  
Is the Left REALLY for wide open borders ushering in all manner of miscreants, malcontents, criminals, sex slavers, drug runners, etc., or is it just that Donald Trump FINALLY did what they, themselves, lobbied for -- UNTIL TRUMP WAS IN OFFICE?!  Is the Left really in favor of America becoming subservient to China, or is it that Trump finally did what they, themselves, lobbied to stop -- UNTIL TRUMP WAS IN OFFICE?!    Is the Left really in favor of perpetual Washington corruption or is it that only Trump actually tried to stop it?!
Well, we have had about enough of their whining!  We have had about enough of their temper tantrums!  
The Left doesn't want "acceptance".  They want dominance.  It's that simple.  
The Left would do well to remember that what they would deny to others, they ultimately deny to themselves.  The Founding Fathers knew this simple truth and established freedom for ALL, even those who hated and disagreed with them.  No anti-constitutionalists were rounded up and killed.  All were welcomed.  Yet, the Left would happily, with smiles on their faces, kill anyone who disagreed with their [unattainable] vision of a Socialist Utopia.   
I know many of you think things look pretty dark.  Remember, "Things always look darkest before the dawn".  
The rage is growing!  We The People are PISSED!  We will not submit!    
Mahatma Gandhi said, "Whenever I get discouraged, I remind myself that Good always defeats Evil.  Think of it, in the end, Good ultimately always defeats Evil".  
KEEP THE FAITH AND KEEP FIGHTING!  We will win.  Failure is not an option.  
As I told my late brother, "When there is nothing you will die for, you have nothing to live for".  
Sometimes, the best way to win is to "lose".  And (what the Left refuses to get), the best way to lose is to "win".  
It may not seem like it right now, but we are winning.  The Left will push too far and there will be blowback.

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