BEFORE: The Twitter account calling itself 'The Trans Cultural Mindfulness Alliance' had said in bio the group was founded by trans individuals. They had insisted in since-deleted tweets they were a genuine group

A Twitter account claiming to be run by trans activists has claimed their tweet criticizing Aretha Franklin's song 'Natural Woman' for being 'offensive to trans women' was nothing more than 'satire'.

The account, which calls itself 'The Trans Cultural Mindfulness Alliance', had criticized the 1967 song for being offensive and demanded that it be removed from both Apple and Spotify - despite it preaching positive messages regarding women.

But the account, claiming to be founded 'exclusively by trans individuals', rowed back on those tweets and claimed they are a parody account in a tweet and changed their bio - despite defiantly insisting they were a genuine group.

'This is satirical', a person who runs the Twitter account told the New York Post.

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  • Just saying that tells me you have no idea what your talking about. 

  • It deserves to be in the garbage, no pay and arrested for indecent exposure. 

This reply was deleted.