The Afghan Military stood 300 Thousand strong against an estimated 90,000 Taliban and ran...  In other nations desertion in the time of war is a crime punishable by death ... not rewarded with a get out of jail card and a free pass to Disney World in America... all on the US Taxpayer.   The Afghan military not only outnumbered the Taliban more than 3 to 1  they had 85 Billion in some of the most sophisticated arms, armor, and munitions found in the world.... and RAN.

These MISGUIDED PATRIOTS are confused... any Nation with such men will never stand alone for liberty... they expect.. nay, almost demand others die so their heritage may remain free.  Instead of evacuating these misfits and deserters, they should be rallying them to defend their nation's liberty against an inferior enemy whose rag-tag army should have been easily routed.  It makes one wonder what transpired behind the scenes that so affected the Afghan's military that they all DESERTED their family, friends, and neighbors to the tyranny of the Taliban... Did Biden tell them the US was cutting off all support once they withdrew and that the munitions and supplies would no longer assist them to rid their Nation of the Taliban scourge?  What treason was sown by the Biden administration?

What needs to be done now is to redirect the efforts of these former special ops vets... to rally the Afgan resistance for a counter-revolution and the retaking of the Country by the 300 Thousand Afghanistan military.  We don't need to evacuate Afghanistan's BEST we need to encourage and support their resistance.  We don't need to ally with the Taliban we need to destroy them.  We don't need a President who counsels our enemies and betrays our allies.

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  • They never had plans to stay. 

  • Biden is a WAR CRIMINAL!!!

  • Who's stupid enough to think the mess Biden the Butcher made WAS ACCIDENTAL?!

  • It was planned that they run.  Having been trained how to fight dependent on intelligence and air power, those two assets were the first to be stripped.

    • Too, the question of airpower and intel... those were not stripped from them and they also had a very capable airforce with brand new close air support aircraft capable of routing and defeating any Taliban force.

  • Progressive Socialist Democrats hate "Freedom" and all the Liberties it implies, as then they would "Individually be responsible for their own Health, Welfare and Happiness." 

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

    • So True... one can not give another liberty or freedom they must take it and be willing to defend it personally if they expect to drink from the well of liberty.  As stated so many times Freedom is not Free it takes the blood and treasure of those wanting it to secure it.

  • Actually, this is a whole lot worse than the Vietnam surrender.

    So we brought out 6000 US citizens and almost 74000 Afghan civilians, many of whom are probably taliban or al quadi terrorists, all while leaving 100's of Citizens there, if the admin is to be believed, which I don't.
    That means that of those we brought out only 8% were US Citizens and 92% are suspected terrorists. At the same time, we left billions of dollars of dangerous military equipment behind.
    The only way this makes sense in a rational world is that the plan, from the start, was to arm the terrorists and bring them to the USA, so that they can continue to wreak havoc in the USA, to give the communists an excuse to take away more liberty from our citizens... All in the name of safety.

    • As stated elsewhere ... the evacuation of these Afghan refugees was planned as part of the Marxist invasion of the USA... using mass migration as a ploy to justify the immigration of nearly 100K Afghans, most of whom were never properly vetted medically, criminally, or screened for their ability to support themselves once in America. Tens of thousands of these so-called refugees are likely nothing more than criminals, the indigent homeless, and dependent souls, looking for a care package rather than work or integration into the American social order...

      Keeping our southern borders open to hundreds of thousands of indigent and dependent refugees... is destroying what remains of the traditional American social order... fulfilling a key Marxist goal for the transformation of America into a 3rd world dependent state.  Get ready and remember Obama said American's must adjust to TAKING LESS... in other words, get ready for a major decline in our standard of living... it is coming with hyperinflation, food and energy shortages, a major recession, and a housing crisis. The American middle class is about to disappear as their jobs vanish and taxes (wealth transfers) strip them of their life savings and property.

  • The only thing we should have help those people with is the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. That's what they need.

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