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“Equality is natural when it is limited to rights, unnatural when it attempts to level goods and power.”---Voltaire. 

“…he who seeks equality between unequals seeks an absurdity.”—Spinoza

The paradoxical truth is that the liberal regimes and revolutions of the 19th century eradicated the very differences that they claimed they wish to protect, and they created the ethno -nationalist state that then produced in the following century inestimable conflict and destruction of human life. The contradiction of the left’s revolutions is that in order to implement their ideology and then survive, they must use a tyranny equivalent to that they claim they’re attempting to destroy.  For each revolution of theirs inevitably has founded new institutions that have bred new and congenial abuses, all underwritten by a malevolent ideology that has been tested on over 1 billion people under communist regimes with catastrophic results. Ideological committed regimes are no exception.

To the contrary, they have often found ingenious ways to murder people(1). Starvation, brutal medieval-style torture, on-the-spot executions in prison cells, clandestine murders of dissidents, mass killings of enemy populations by special military detachments, the secret police, failure to provide health care to those held in prison, overwork in camps, nation-wide gulags, poison ... the list goes on and on. The jacobin French revolution to the Russian marxist revolution to the nazi revolution to the maoist revolution, all being types of wokeism and cancel culture, manifest the same liberationist impulse, mixing idealism and criminality. The similarities among these revolutions are striking. Instead of ushering in a glorious future, they only bring slavery, fear and death.

It would be clarifying for any would-be revolutionary to examine why previous Marx-inspired efforts by self-appointed elites to manipulate popular resentments and reconstruct society based on their comprehensive visions of the good. mao’s great leap forward and cultural revolution come to mind—which have produced cruelty and death on an epic scale. Say what you will about the many failings of the left’s ideological archetype brethren, communists, they are bloody good at murder. Communist nations are more permanently associated in history by their use of massacre as a state policy. What distinguishes them from other mass killings is that these were deliberate and systematic. It was not the soldiers' frenzy in victory or the populace avenging against their neighbors some grievance. The communist attempts at genocide were ignobly intellectual.

They're also great at creating equality — equality of misery, for everyone, that is, except for the Politburo fat cats and apparatchiks who govern in the people's name. They always have better health care, cars, dachas or island retreats, special lanes on the highways, access to foreign currency stores, all the things that make being a communist in a communist nation worthwhile — but that also make the rest of the people miserable.

But perhaps what's worse is that there are still those among us who excuse the murderous excesses and outright theft of communist regimes, and argue that "true communism has never been tried." Sorry, it has! It just failed—horrifically, everywhere it was tried. There are no communist success stories. None!

Bizarrely, more than 40% of millennials in a recent poll had a favorable view of socialism, which is communism's fraternal twin. So is "Marxism," the darling of the intellectual set. There's really very little difference between the three, except for how they would gain and maintain power.

U.S. elections have featured a shambling, avuncular(2), self-avowed socialist(3), aka BSanders, whose economic ideas came right out of Karl Marx.  He should have been laughed off every dais he stood on. Instead, he was often warmly applauded. It's a stunning and depressing indictment of the collapse of our education system and the media's responsibility to tell the truth. These

"socialist" ideas espoused by people like BSanders and his allies in the progressive wing of the liberal democratic Party are the same ideas that have brought misery, poverty and loss of freedom in other countries. But somehow millions of American voters believe it would be different here. While today's political "socialism" and cultural "Marxism" pretend to be different, they really aren't. To paraphrase George Santayana, we should remember communism's many deep sins and tragic failures or suffer the ignominious fate of repeating them.

This desire for transformation, whether attempted by the American left-wing or mao zedong, or any other list of histories butchers, requires a government that is not only powerful enough to compel people but also comprehensive enough to crowd out any real political power that could challenge the apparatus necessary for the social engineering a few elite desire. Hunger Games anyone?

Godless ideologies all promise to create a new, just, correct, fraternal world. Instead, they just  destroy the world. As the Marxist used to say, “this was no accident.”

“The expansion of political freedom in both formally communist countries and pro-American authoritarian regimes that followed the death of Communism coincided with and drew energy from a global turn towards free markets. Tax and poverty rates fell. Private and public sector unions diminished. Consumer goods became cheaper. Stagflation was no longer an issue. Immigration was higher. And the world economy was more integrated. Crime rates plunged and welfare reform made assistance temporary and leaked benefits to employment and Employment rose."--Matthew Continetti

“Marxist governments cannot reform into democracies."--Jean Kirkpatrick

“From experience I can tell you that only firmness makes it possible to repel the assaults of communist totalitarianism.”- Alexander Solzhenitsyn

1. For instance, The Black Book of Communism, whose author, Stephane Courtois,  himself a former communist, documents how China has killed an estimated 60 million of its people, the USSR murdered likely more than 40 million, Cambodia butchered 2 million of its own people, which sounds small until you consider it only had 8 million people total. The totalitarian communist regime of Kim Jong Un in North Korea, has the blood of 2 million of its own citizens on its hands. Cuba and Venezuela, both failed communist states, continue to murder their own people so that a tiny elite of communist rulers can hold their powers and privileges over the vast, exploited and enslaved "proletariat" in whose name they rule. “The wars of governments by the people or in their name will be more terrible than the wars of governments of kings.”—Winston Churchill.

2. It was cultured people dedicated to the betterment of humanity who gave sanction to the holocaust.

3. Socialism breaks down primarily because it provides defective incentives for the exertion of superior abilities and efforts. The stimulus of gain is necessary to arduous work; and the stimulus of ownership is necessary to industry, husbandry, care and trust.


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