• They fear him and the American people and most of all they fear their days are counted and they will face Justices 

  • And the "Slow Coup" tries to charge on.  But, do not let the Luciferian Socialists draw you into the wrong response, a place nobody wants to be. Stay strong in the Lord Jesus and the devils will flee from you, in the might of the right hand of God.

  • We all know who truly should be excuted for treason!!! And it ain't TRUMP!!!

    • Janet, AMEN  AMEN  AMEN  AMEN  AMEN!!!!!!!!!!  Most of them have a D behind their name, some with an R behind their name but all with TREASON on their resume!!!!!  They hate President Trump because he isn't one of them and can't be bought or cowed into bowing to satan; AND they know that if given the chance he will stop their TREASON against the Constitution and We the People, for which they fear him!!!!!!!!!!


  • Isn't it amazing! That's how scared they are of him.......and of the people!


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