• that is correct and I am with you, Bonnie.

  • I don't care I will not take vaccine period.

  • Trump has already stated that there will be no forced vaccines!! The government cannot force a person to take any kind of drug except by force and that is what is being discussed by Fauci and Bill Gtaes! Gates stands to make over a trillion dollars form this vaccine. Fauci also has considerable funds invested in the research. Keeping in mind that Gates is an admitted genocidal maniac while being interviewed by CNN, saying that he wants the world population reduced from 8 billion to 350 million and the way to do that is with vaccines! Gates has already been in trouble for funding a huge vaccine drive in the early 2000's in Africa. Over 47,000 black African children were killed and maimed with his vaccine. So, if any of you think this¬† could not happen, then you need to do some serious research on the globalist agenda.

  • No constitution, no Supreme Court, no person, law has the moral right to justify any government to perform any involuntary medical or any procedure on any human being. Governments' only modus operandi is force . Period.

    It is strangely odd and ironic that Dershowitz, with a Jewish heritage, supports any kind of forced medical procedure on a human being. Especially by a government. And by support, I mean any idea, interpretation , reading of, government statutes, laws and constitutions, that leads to the consent and blessing of any government doing such violations against persons.

    Think Roe v Wade. Legal but immoral.

    Think Dred Scott. Legal but immoral.

    Think the release of COVID-19 positive rapists so they won't be sick in prison. Oh, But jail a single Mother salon owner for opening her doors to feed her family. Legal ?  Don't know. But definitely immoral.

    Legalism ,even regarding the great U S Constitution, kills. Fundamental morality and the intrinsic inherent God placed value into any and all human beings overrides all else. All men are endowed by their Creator.........with...........


  • Alan Dershowitz, you obviously can't define democracy nor can you understand it. This is a peoples' country as defined by our forfathers. A "Communist Style Dictatorship" is not the "New Norm".

  • Supreme Court ruled on this in the early 1900s. You do NOT have a right to refuse state-mandated vaccines.

    • That's not 100% true.¬† In that particular case he deemed it so, but not in subsequent cases.¬† In that particular case during smallpox outbreaks,¬† Jacobson, who had already gone through similar tyranny in his home country of Sweden, and FORCED to take a vaccine that caused him serious illness, didn't want him or his family to go through it again...


      Harlan ruled that personal liberties could be suspended when "the safety of the general public may demand" for example during a smallpox outbreak.[7] He compared the smallpox outbreak to the American Civil War (in which three out of nine Justices at the term served) by saying that a community has the right to protect itself from both disease and military invasion.[6]

      More broadly, Harlan ruled that Massachusetts was justified in mandating vaccination: "there are manifold restraints to which each person is necessarily subject for the common good".[6] While Harlan supported such restraints, he also warned that if the state targeted specific individuals or populations to unnecessary restrictions, the court might have to step in to protect them.

      That was a few years after Wong Wai v. Williamson in which a federal circuit court injunction in San Francisco was overturned. It required all Chinese residents of San Francisco to get a dangerous bubonic plague inoculation if they wished to leave the city, which Judge William Morrow ruled was "boldly directed against the Asiatic or Mongolian race as a class".[6]

      Harlan's decision supported both police power and limits on the power, and his decision would be invoked to support both in later cases. He stated his nuanced opinion on the limits of government power by saying that "general terms should be so limited in their application as not to lead to injustice, oppression or absurd consequence".[6]

      Jacobson v
    • It will not be the first time the SCOTUS overstepped and misapplied the Constitution...¬† There is no enumerated right or power given to the State to mandate vaccinations.

    • Yes I do. Bring a needle around and force it into me or my grandchildren. We'll see what happens. Law and Legal are not synonymous with moral and right.¬†

  • "The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserve to the States respectively, or to the people." Quote US Constitution, 10th Amendment. I find no power to force medical treatments or vaccines upon US Citizens delegated to the Federal Government ... or the States... Hence, the power to chose to be vaccinated rests with the people... each individual.

    Dershowitz is misinterpreting the Constitution... just as most pettifoggers do when it suits their personal ideology or that of their clients... chief among many being the durg companies

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