• I've been writing about this since 1994 when I worked briefly for a newspaper owned by the NYT.  The column was very successful, which the publisher enjoyed, but I was discontinued by the front office after two years.  And of course the smuggler pays taxes.  He pays taxes to the cartel, which controls the border.

  • Smear them all with "Vaseline" and turn them loose, naked, in the Arena of a National Rodeo Event filled with LBGTQ Crowds/Participants!

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • Sure hope their money helps them when they are rotting in hell

  • I for one, am no longer supporting the criminal enterprise going on in Washington DC, as I do not want to have a charge on my record of being an accessory to the Biden family crime syndicate.   Perhaps all tax payers should send in their 2020 returns to Florida.   Our taxes would be better cared for and spent more wisely if sent to Mar-a-Lago than to Washington DC.  Trump can deposit our tax checks in a trust, and then officially applied to my tax account once he is back in office.  We all are fools for sitting back and going......."oh well.....there is nothing we can do." 

    • I applaud your spirt and realization, but I respectfully decline to be among the first 100,000 to jump aboard that train.

  • The Progressive Socialist Politicians of both Federal and State only see " Future Votes" in Illegal Crossing. They only see the "Power of passing their endorsed agendas. They only see the guarantee of assured future political Seats. They are as a Cancer finding new and unique ways to consume its host even to its own destruction.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • The satanic left is getting kickbacks for pushing policies that hurt America!!!!

  • The Biden administratin certainly has fostered free enterprise but only for criminal agents!

    • Biden has perfected the art of theft over his 50 years of Political Service! Now it's time to help others by building back even better?

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