• Obama took office and had Al Sharpton visit on a regular basis and now race relations have fallen.

  • Exactly... Raising godly children is much easier than fixing broken men and women... Our cultural problems are our greatest weakness.  We are no longer that JUDEO/CHRISTIAN nation our forefathers built... no longer one nation under God... or with liberty's blessings and justice's steady hand.

    Cultural Marxism is the heart of our problem and our Public and Private Schools are betraying our heritage... they are more focused more on WOKISM/Marxism than the principles that made America Great.  In point of fact, they are inculcating our children with a HATE AMERICA version of our history.  This must change NOW... immediately. 

    • I agree with you 100 percent but how & who is going to stop this? Seems like impossible task, we all see & know what the problem is but how to stop it??

    • Trump has the power and wealth needed to launch our recovery... he can attract other wealthy patrons to provide the funding for a central patriot organization capable of coordinating and massing all patriots as needed ... when and where needed. 

      However, he has not been receptive to such a move... Why? It would mean a loss of total control and the sharing of assets he may be reluctant to provide.  The curse of strong men is often their reluctance to let others share in the leadership and credit. 

    • True and it has often been said- - " true Patriots risk their lives, their fortunes and their sacred beliefs"  - - or words to that effect.

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