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  • Know the enemy. Know who he is.

    This is not merely political division. This is Treason. The democrat party is destroying the culture of the United States using ignorance, apathy, corruption, weakness and stupidity as weapons against the Constitution, the Rule of Law, and common decency. They are a national disgrace and openly hostile to America, Americans, our history, our citizenry, our values, and Truth itself.

    If they are not stopped, legally and Constitutionally, the entire Nation will be forever lost. It is that serious and important.

    The attack is not just about Trump. It is directed at you, personally, and the central target is God Himself. If you doubt it, then you have no clue as to who the enemy truly is.  This is Satanic, and will only lead to death, not life, if left to play out.

    • News agencies ( the majoriity Fake) are hopefully reporting that Trump will be charged with Espionage. Of all things.

      Espionage?  Now just who is it that practices that, and worse, daily and wide open in your face, and is supported and praised by the majority of the media for doing so? None other than Biden and his policies with a whole host of congress and court critters egging him on.

      Abandoning our Borders is Treasonous. Ignoring our laws and acting as though the Constitution is a document worthy of contempt along with those who framed it is also Treasonous by a government who has no intent whatsoever of protecting the public from 'Domestic' enemies parked in the seats of power. Some of which are on China's payroll.

      Where is our Justice system on these issues, these threats, these acts of Treason and Espionage?  Is decency left helpless because the indecent have the power?  Is the corruption so deep, so widespread, that all departments of it are also infected with it? How did this pandemic of evil, of ignorance and stupidity, get started?

      Does anybody really give a damn anymore?  Other than to stupidly claim that Trump could have stopped it?

      Col. West is right. And we had better listen up.



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