• We don't have free markets...We have managed markets.  The constructs of today's new-age capitalists whose goal is to maximize profits while minimizing production... We no longer have moral or Godly Capitalism.  A system where all parties share in the increases from capital investment, labor's industry, and a viable consumer market. 

    Today, Billions are made by doing nothing more than leveraging their position, privilege, and access to world markets... These skilled entrepreneurs short the market and break Banks while reaping huge gains where they have sown nothing but discord... They ADD NOTHING OF VALUE TO THE MARKET PLACE. . while taking billions in profits.  Often bankrupting the underlying industry and putting tens of thousands out of work. These agents of capital are the ROBBER BARRONS OF THE FUEDAL STATE... The privileged new-age aristocracy who hold the common man in contempt and treat them as fools... 

    These captains of industry boast of using labor's hard-earned money to forge the chains of today's WAGE SLAVES... consuming the wealth of generations past they often boast of using other people's money to amass billions in treasure.  I owe, I owe so it's off to work I go an often recited lament of labor or the echo of the oppressed coal miners.. as they sing... 16 tons and what do I get another day older and deeper in debt, St. Peter don't you call, for I can't go... I owe my soul to the company store.  These laments oft express the plight of labor in an immoral world where an equal measure and just weight are not the dictates of the capitalist... Moral Capitalism has died along with our relationship with the Creator.

    It appears labor has come full circle from the days of our forefathers when they were the masters of their farms and small businesses to be yoked to the fields of their fuedal lords... But don't fret, these benevolent souls have a job for everyone... 7.50 an hour... with plenty of openings to fill, and all the hours you want...

  • They are all over the place trying to cover their asses, scared to death what will happen when Trump is back in the WH. They'll do ANYTHING to prevent the people from putting him back. Imagine if they are this willing and bold now....what they'll be willing to do if they gain unlimited power! Think back to the days of Stalin and Hitler......history will repeat itself but this time, it will be on American soil!

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