An observation on Climate from Bob Webster


An observation on Climate from Bob Webster;

Imagine how much better life would be if ingenuity and talent were applied to actual needs, rather than fantasies!

A few inconvenient facts that put this silliness into perspective:

  1. Earth didn't support carbon-based life for its first 1 billion years.

  2. For more than 90% of the next 3.5 billion years, Earth has been inhospitably hot to human life (averaging nearly 14 deg. F warmer than any climate humans have experienced).

  3. Only during seven climate regimes known as "Ice Eras" totaling just 350 million of those 3.5 billion years, Earth cooled below its typical very warm climate.

  4. For just 5.4% of those 350 million years, Earth has experienced exceptionally cold "Ice Epochs".

  5. About one-third of Ice Epochs are cold enough to sustain year-round polar ice caps.

So less than 0.2% of Earth's 3.5 billion years of carbon-based life has been cold enough for the natural climate to sustain year-round polar ice caps.

  1. Modern humans have existed entirely during the 10,700 year Holocene Interglacial.

Modern humans have existed entirely within this < 0.2% climate. Consequently, the modern human perspective is rooted in less than 0.0024% of Earth's climate history.

And these folks seem to believe polar ice caps always existed until humans started contributing just 2% to 3% of Earth's current (historically low) 0.0415% atmospheric CO2 (i.e., fossil fuel CO2 amounts to just 0.001% of Earth's atmosphere).

Human hubris. Or... it isn't what you don't know that hurts you, it's what you know for sure that just isn't so.

Does anyone seriously believe that tiny fraction of the minuscule amount of atmospheric CO2 is sufficient to change global climate?

Certainly the evidence tells a vastly different story than the crazed-climate-change-theory.

Ignore theory and put things in perspective. Far too many people believe Earth's natural climate has always had year-round frozen poles, yet during more than 99.8% of Earth's carbon-based life-supporting history (the most recent 3.5 billion years), the climate was too warm to support year-round polar ice!


Bob Webster

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