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  • Well, my first thought was what kind of sentence he'll get. Prison or a medal???

  • Have they found the J6 DC pipe bomber yet?

    • Yes, it was one of their own agents and the pipe bombs were intentional duds.

    • they're not even looking undecided

  • Parole this individual in the District of Columbia... and send him to school for explosive ordinance manufacturing... then set him up in Alexandria, VA in the commercial demolition business... just across from the White House...  Make sure he has lots of matches and a Secret Service Pass.

    Just kidding, a bit of sarcasm.. However, such conduct seems to be policy in the current administration, as they accept, process, and locate known high-risk aliens near key US infrastructure.

  • Well the first step is accomplished.  Now let's see if he is actually charged and tried.

  • They will quietly walk free! 

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