I'm watching a Movie by Lewis Herms   2+ HRs   about Human Trafficking.... Long but,   WOW!!  

IT"S  SO MUCH DEEPER THAN WE CAN FATHOM!!!   SO MANY PEOPLE ARE GETTING PAID!, GETTING BRIBED! POLICE, COURTS, FOSTER CARE! FEMA CAMPS,   AND THIS IS JUST IN ARIZONA... Drug Cartels have now taken over the Human Trafficking Systems.  Organ harvesting. Sex Trade. Adrenochrome Production.  It's SO MUCH BIGGER THAN WE EVER THOUGHT!!!   
 ALL individual stories woven together in Arizona Cities, and it sounds like the Police and Judges are completely on board with it all... 
Mike Gill is Exactly Correct, $932 BILLION Laundered Cartel Cash in New Hampshire, Alone!  There are so many layers to the depth....
 And this is just One State. 
Juan O Savin Huge! 2020 Is Not Over Yet! - A Must Video | Opinion - Conservative | Before It's News

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