• Will he be charge for hate crimes against Americans rights or does this apply only to Americans waving the flag 

  • Nah, SCREW YOU asshole!

  • No doubt he's a Republican,...Conservative? If he is, I'M the Mr. Universe at 40 lbs. overweight and outta shape.

    Why do people still prop him up as someone of substance; nor to look up to?

    • He claims to be a republican but is a communist at heart.  His time as gov of ca is complete proof of that.

  • How about SCREW YOU, you flabby old man

  • Censor this Arnold, if you can: Dr. Destroys the Entire COVID Narrative

  • George Orwell's doublespeak. It's what Communists do. Accuse others of what you are guilty of yourself. Why the censorship Arnold? Why the fear of allowing the truth to be told, Arnold? The COVID tests don't work, the COVID shots don't work, the COVID masks don't work, except to steal elections and take away our freedom. Either you are too blind (a "useful idiot") to see the truth, or you are intentionally going along with "the steal" to get what you want, like all the other Democrats & RINO's who are sell-outs and traitors!

    • Perfectly stated, Bill Hayden!

  • "F_CK YOU ARNY"-!!! That kinda shit statement (from the Rich) could get a person killed- just saying!!! Wake Up Americans!!! YOUR RIGHTS ARE NOT GIVEN TO YOU BY POLITICIANS OR GOVERNMENTS-!!! That is why We Have The "2nd AMENDMENT"

  • Can he be deported? Screw his freedom here. Go back to the country where you were nobody. Take take take from this country then hate the freedoms that saved you. You are NO ONE to tell us how to live. 

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