• I hate the thought that my generation will see the end of America so fight back hard everyone!

  • First, they came for the¬†dissident and¬†we did nothing, ¬†then they¬†came for the¬†Patriots and¬†the people¬†said,¬†we are¬†not Patriots. Next, they came for the baker and cake maker, the plumber and carpenter, accountants and¬†retailers,¬†and¬†the nation¬†stood by watching.¬†Then¬†they came for¬†our neighbor, as¬†we hid¬†our faces.¬†¬†Finally, they came for¬†us and we tried to resist but found no one left to¬†help... Our family, friends, and neighbors¬†were already captives.

  • Charge them with what? Walking on premises we are paying for?

    • Rather ironic; Joe blowhard wants people arrested for trespassing "IN THE PEOPLE'S HOUSE"!!

  • In its usual style, all the rhetoric about draining the swamp and making the criminal element in the federal sphere was/is nothing more than a sound bite because the so-called Republicans are more deeply concerned with their professed IMAGE rather than their actual performance.¬†¬† Not in this lifetime or the next lifetime, but perhaps the one after the next will show some initiative in something more than fleecing the electorate out of hundreds of millions of dollars in their perennial institutionalized bribery attempt.

    • I am afraid you might be right. The establishement Republicans are not looking out for America and Americans any more than demonrats are. They are in it for themselves. President Donald J. Trump challenged the status quo and that is why they are all fighting him. The establishemnt Republicans don't want Trump to run again, they don't want him back in the White House, and they don't want him to clean house once and for all. They would get kicked out. No wonder they all are supporting any candidate but Trump.

  • When are we going to demand IMPEACHMENT for this criminal president.¬† Jailing American citizens with charges, no trial, no lawyer, no phone call to parents or spouse.¬† What is going on.¬† The president keeps violating the Constitution in this manner, not to mention throwing his oath of office out the window concerning the invasion of our country by illegal aliens.¬† His number of high crimes and misdamenors is great.¬† The congress has more than ample proof to charge him, impeach him, put him in jail, and return American back to its great status around the world.

  • The Speaker of the House promised to impeach Biden... where is it?¬† ¬†The US Attorney General Merrick Garland¬† and FBI Director, Christopher Wray also need to be impeached

  • So, exactly WHAT is Congress waiting for? Impeachment articles should have been introduced INSTANTLY after the Afghanistan debacle; we know commiepelosi et. al would not have allowed it to proceed at that time. However the "seeds of discontent" could have been sown, at that time and allowed to grow and gain strength. At this point, I suspect enough "Ds", in the Senate, have had enough pushback from their constituents, so they would be willing to declare Beijingjoe GUILTY!!

  • Obey and implement the order Mr. fake President.

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