• It seems there is a "TROLL" on here???...


  • Maybe Biden thought that the question was so silly that it wasn't worth his attention!  BTW, I have often seen Trump ignore questions!

    • Being a Trump supporter doesn't mean approving everything he does!  (I applaud his efforts to increase the stimulus checks to $2000 in December!).

    • What are your favorite things Trump has done?

    • I have wondered why Trump didn't make it clear that he wanted $2000 until AFTER Congress had passed the latest stimulus bill!

    • Are you saying that Trump was wrong to push $2000 checks?

    • Yes, it means exactly that. Too many people feel free to criticize Trump these days. It has to stop, and we the people need to support Trump come what may. 

    • What if I think that an action by him undermines his ability to stay in power?  (Isn't constructive criticism allowed?).

  • He always chooses to ignore questions he doesn't know the answer to or doesn't want to answer and the disgusting corrupt media just follows along blindly.

  • I wish Trump would call for martial law, cancel the election until all the allegations are really looked at!  I want him back in the WH for the next 4 years!

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