• Time to RECALL the entire government subject to new elections and appointments...  Article 5 of the US Constitution was created for such a time as this... a time when leaders become tyrants and despots... Time to create and pass a recall Amendment and a Term Limits Amendment...

    1. Recall all sitting members of the government... elected and appointed, judiciary included... subject to new elections within 90 days of the ratification of such a Recall Amendment.  There is no reasoning or means to sort out the good from the bad... if there are any good they have sat idly by while the corrupt destroy America and therefore can be considered worthless.. draught in a refiners fire.  it is past time to forge new leadership from the steel of our father's era. 

    2. Tern limit by Amendment all elected and appointed government officials...  Subject to new appointments and elections to be held within 90 days of the amendments ratification.  ONE TERM, 6yrs in length, with 1/3rd sitting for election and appointment every 2 yrs similar to the constitutional rotation of the US Senate.  Deny all current and past government officials any further right to hold public office of any kind... end incumbency and the power of political parties to gerrymander public office ... too, cater to special interests and groups.

    Any attempt to reform government using the current system of elections and political parties will result in more disappointment and the complete unraveling of our Constitutional Republic.  The current leadership and both political parties are total losses... corrupt to their core and both are unable and unwilling to reform government

    America must DEMAND AN ARTICLE 5 Convention and pass both a Term Limits and a Recall Amendment.  Fire the bums... elect new citizen politicians to public office.  Citizens who serve the interests of their neighbors and the greatest good for the Republic... not the special interest or personal wills of the corrupt.

    • And on this, my patriotic friend, we can absolutely agree in principle, but we must remember that it only works if three-quarters (3/4) of the States ratify each proposed amendment and that will be a tall order.

    • P/S

      It is time for the States, as supreme sovereigns of our Republic, to HIT THE RESET BUTTON... Too, clear the halls and citadels of government and start over... Too, elect and appoint citizen politicians to the helm of our ship of state.  Men and women who serve one term and return home to live under the government and laws they institute.

      Article 5 of the US Constitution was created for such a time as this... runaway, corruption in government.  This article permits the States to forge new irons, with which to restrain corrupt government.  It is time to fire up the forges of correction, to summon new leadership, subject to the powers of the states and the will of the people.

  • Time for Speaker McCarthy to gin up the impeachment process and get the House AND Senate on board that train!!

  • He is a waste of humanity despite being evil and corrupt

  • Wait a minute you have to have a brain to think! I think he had better he Reconsider that last statement. This from the man that doesn't know what day it is or even where he is. Quote Come On Man!!!

    • Correct. One has to have a brain to think so he has handlers who do it for him....and just as stupid.

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