• Tell President Xi to be patient.usurping liar!

  • this nation is not in a transition period you are Mr. Biden it's time for you to pick up your bag and head to jail that's where you belong.

  • What a worthless crybaby

  • Hey Sleepy Joe quit whining and just ask your girl Kamala to get the information for you. She's still a Senatard on the so-called intelligence committee because she hasn't resigned yet. Just make sure that your buddies the Chicoms don't get any information from you. 

  • Biden is a fake President the real President is Trump,Biden should tell the truth he know there's no way he won the election. Trump is my President I will never accept a fake president and the media should start reporting what people are calling Biden.

    • In a perfect world BIden would have never made it to the Senate ... but we live in a world far from perfect... let us, therefore, remember we who are in Christ are not of this world, this world will revile us and we are to take hope in the promise of a new world free from all the corruption in this world.  Our hope and our faith are not in man or the things of this world they are in God in whom we trust.

  • Why give that traitor any national security information. It will go right back to our enemies.

  • You are not president yet, idiot.

  • No Joe ... President Donald J. Trump is exercising the utmost responsibility in governing the US of A. YOU AND COMMIE KAMALA are enemies of these United States of America!!

    Please, everyone watch this profound video ...

    2020 Election Investigative Documentary: Who’s Stealing America?
    Investigative reporter Joshua Phillip navigated across the United States to each swing state, interviewing whistleblowers, big data experts, and elec…
  • Hey creepy joe bidet, you and cameltoe harris woudn't know what to do with it if you got it.  Oh, that's right, you would send it to china so your buddy could tell you what to do.

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