• You shouldn't be getting any briefings as I'm sure the Chinese will know what was said immediately.

  • He should be lost 

    • He is already lost ... brainless traitor.

  • I remain amazed at the lack of criminal prosecution by the DOJ and FBI... in spite of direct evidence of espionage nothing is done.  It is time to refer the investigators for criminal conduct... obstruction of justice, malfeasance in office, misprision of a felony, aiding and abetting espionage, and on and on...  Knowing a crime has been committed and doing nothing about the criminal conduct... (failure to refer criminal acts for prosecution) is a crime in its own right and should be prosecuted. Massive reports of criminal conduct going unprosecuted is evidence of a systemic failure of law enforcement to protect society from criminal conduct.  Where is the Nation's Chief Law Enforcement Officer on all the failures to prosecute?  Is he now criminally culpable?  The massive failure to prosecute crime poses a very serious national security risk and condoning such failure only encourages more lawlessness.

    • Agreed Col. Ron.

    • All good questions Marlene... have you directed them to the Chief Law Enforcement Officer of the USA... President Donald J. Trump... Article 2, Sec 3... the president is to 'TAKE CARE' that the laws be faithfully executed... I think he may have overlooked that KEY ROLL in his Presidency.  The President is where the Constitutional buck stops on law enforcement.  I believe Pres. Trump has been listening to deep state lawyers... pettifoggers of the most despicable deceit have been hindering the President in his attempts to enforce the laws of the United States.

    • Me too!!!

    • Exactly.


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    • There are regulations that specify standards for issuing security clearances and levels of access... if applied properly many if not most members currently receiving classified information would be in jail instead of being briefed on National secrets... the system is totally broken and a joke.

    • Not quite... ever hear of Waivers... under Obama most of his cabinet officials had multiple waivers and many could not be given direct access to key intelligence.... they ended up getting redacted summaries or nothing... directly.  Espionage was rampant and violations of security measures were overlooked.

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