Bill Clinton's adviser was found hanging from a tree with a gunshot blast to his chest, newly emerged police records on his mysterious death have revealed.

Mark Middleton was Bill Clinton’s special advisor from Little Rock, Arkansas, and was the aide who connected the former president to deceased child sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein.

Middleton flew on Epstein's notorious "Lolita Express" private jet with the ex-POTUS and also arranged secret meetings with the convicted pedophile.

He also admitted Epstein into the Clinton White House for multiple visits.

However, Middleton died suddenly at the age of 59 in early May.

Police and Middleton's family refused to release any information regarding his sudden passing at the time, but a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request for police records has just exposed the bizarre details of his grizzly death.

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  • Clinton's strike again

  • CIA hit squad sending a message.

  • It doesn't sound like the usual Clinton style, that is hanged and shot, but...................

  • Does Durham need his testimony???

  • Another "suicide" of a clinton confidant?????  Amazing how many people close to the clintons die "mysterious" deaths isn't it!!!!!I am glad neither I nor any of my family are connected to the "first family of death"!!!!!!!!!!

  • In the long run it doesn't pay to join the dark side.

  • Anuther  Clinton  mobster eliminated  by the Hillary  mob .!

  • The crooked DOJ, FBI and a Democrat court will declare this the worst case of suicide on record.

  • Hillary order her minions to TAKE HIM TO DINNER. Code word for take him out, eliminate, exicute.

    • Drop him off at the "train station ".

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