• We felt this way from the beginning.

  • WELL!
    "WE THE PEOPLE" Know for sure that we're being corralled into something that isn't going to be good in the; "END"???...
    In a speech circa 1959 Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev said:
    We will bury you. Your children will be communists.
    And, followed up later:
    No, you won’t accept Communism outright; but we’ll keep feeding you small doses of Socialism until you will finally wake up and find that you already have Communism. We won’t have to fight you.
    Khrushchev wasn’t exactly right. We buried ourselves, and destroyed our own economy because of, as Goldwater warned, our philosophy of something for nothing and our lack of responsibility as a nation and individuals.
    Look around. Socialism is here, and a large portion – perhaps a majority – of the American people willingly accept it.
    By accepting socialism, whether voluntarily or involuntarily, we may have very well sealed our fate.
    Communism is a stone’s throw away.

    • Communism still will not function due to, and in its denial of, the stumbling block frailities in the human condition; especially in a polyglot such as the USA. It is the World governance scheme behind the communist ploy that we must also keep both eyes on.

  • The actions described by Robert F. Kennedy jr. are by definition and de facto medical crimes against Humanity. Surely unavoidable trials for its enactors currently at liberty are destined for the sake of Justice.

    All considerations of any governments outrageous exploitation of a world-wide disease pretext, as being either legitimate or unintentionally excusable, must be viewed as criminal, and void of any legitimacy, or excuse.

    Finally, installing shackling regulatory restraints upon government, the untrustworthy servant, regarding all emergency response empowerments as it affects civil liberties, human rights, and property,  must also be addressed for our own future safeties sakes.

    • Just the FEMA emergency regulations I recently read, have been placed over the decades, should shoot chills through anyone who values their personal life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness.

    •  You are Another who Is AWAKE and That is what continues to slip Hope into my Soul when I begin feeling Hopeless, I Don't want to be the Only one in this Fight for there will be NO Surrender on my part as long as I am Not sabotaged within my own ability such as being unconscious by injury or drug. No FEMA 'tortured for my Soul" dungeon for Me. I intend the Tony Montana Exit from this Evil World .....and probably get Sniped but....just as well...... so long as I get Some time in the field I Hope.

    • Thank you. I would like to think I am P.Henry. Occasionally I am given to bristling with porcupine quills when facing abuse of civil liberties, but it isn't meant personally. My jealousy in defense of our lives, liberties, and pursuits of happiness, the context of service for our untrustworthy servant, government, inspires my passionate displays.

      Have good cheer! In the struggle to keep alive the reasons to be so, the great risk would seem death.....but that is inevitable anyway. So what have you really got to lose in the struggle? Far more if you do not. IMHO

  • And don't forget that the very meds that could heal and were also cheap, were outlawed by CDC and Governors, and mocked in the media and by Fauci, hospital admins and pharmacists. Every single person in the chain of "health practitioners" STOPPED proven treatments from being given.

    Don't forget, there were two other options to oxygenate the blood that were less pressurized, less traumatic, especially for old and fragile and shallow-breathing lungs. These two other methods were raced past, in order to Pass Go and collect somewhere between $39,000 and $56,000, according to my doctor. Never mind that old, fragile and shallow-breathing lungs cannot stand the high-pressure of a vent. Never mind that Ivermectin, which works great, is and always has been available in amimal feed stores (at doseage for large animals), but could be cut into smaller doses. But that was kept secret. Never mind that our precious seniors spent their last months lonely, helpless and unknowing of what was going on. Never mind that young children now have been conditioned to be lab rats and that the next age-level up will have learning difficulties from brain cell death due to oxygen deprivation, and never mind that adults will now have a lowered age onset of dementia and altzheimers.

    As critical as I have been about the abject cluelessness, disrespect for science, and cluelessness about law and constitutional issues that I have witnessed in this last year, I would not wish any to have the results of what is likely coming. I would not wish this on anyone---but unless God heals all from CVid and the jab, it is coming.

    •  Thank You Jea9 for Your Very Informed comment, You, as it seems get your information by Good Old Fashioned Research for Yourself as opposed to Most others that get theirs from that Cursed Black Scrying Mirror Tel--lie-vision Tool of the MS Mediums following "Their" Masters instructions like an OUIJA Board or Magicians Crystal Ball or from the Medical Industry that Used to be a Profession and is now Nothing less than Organized Crime in the form of Medical Tyranny. My guess is that You have some Favorite (YouTube), Bitchute, Odysee and other Alternative Platform sources that you gleen some Real, Honest information from and you also sound Very Spiritual. Did you happen to take a peek at the Link I posted? Joe Imbriano of the Fullerton Informer Is a Follower of Jesus Christ and I believe him to be not only Truthful, Honest and Very Educated in Science/Biology/Chemicals etc, but actually Cares about people especially those of his audience. I've communicated with him via e-mail and he responds for the last 4 years and I Trust him and his motives. Please, give the video I posted a shot for the Full 16.5 minutes if you haven't, you may find him of interest. 

    • I did watch several vids by Joe last night on 5G and LED lighting, wavelengths, etc. I have to go to lighting store anyway abd will.make sure to pitch all white coated incandescants

       Last time I was there, I asked what they recommended, and they replied, halogen. Now I know why. I will ask about OLED thus time. You might check out Dr. Charlie Ward, he is up to snuff on 5G.

      Dod you know Wuhan was the 1st full roll-out of 5G in Chy na? The pics of people fallng over dead that came out in Feb last year were likely 5G. They blamed CoVID but it could have been 5G or combo of both, which is probably their future hope for us.

      The 5G sets the electrons spinning that join the two oxygen molecules together. They spin so wildly that the 02 cannot combine with the required hemoglobin molecules. The result is complete oxygen deprivation. The description was like being dropped off on the peak of Mt. Everesr with no 02, and no training and no conditioning.


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