British Petroleum Halts Exports Through the Red Sea Causing Global Oil Prices to Increase
Politico: The oil and gas heavyweight British Petroleum (BP) has paused shipping through the Red Sea, the company said Monday, as attacks from Yemen’s Houthi rebels on commercial vessels in the area have intensified in the last few weeks. “In light of the deteriorating security situation for shipping in the Red Sea, BP has decided to temporarily pause all transits through the Red Sea,” the company said in a statement. Houthis — a pro-Palestinian rebel Yemeni group which is backed by Iran — have increasingly targeted international ships going through the Red Sea since the start of the Israel-Hamas war, raising fears that the conflict could escalate into a regional war (Politico). Daily Caller: The news sent oil prices up across the world on Monday, with Brent crude jumping by 2.7% to nearly $79 per barrel and American oil rising by 2.7% up to $73.44 per barrel. In European markets, natural gas contract futures spiked by about 8% (Daily Caller).

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  • Are the terrorists working for the oil companies?

  • Houthi rebels, pro Palestinian group? NO, they are TERRORIST! These thugs are controlling the world by causing terror and death.
    They approach in their little boats and take over oceanliners? Can't the big boats take out the little boats as they approach? Just blow them up!
    Anyone wants to tell me with today's technology we cannot take them out, make them none existent, and make the world a better place? 
    Thugs don't understand or care about reason, just kill the bastards!

This reply was deleted.