WOW--What a presentation on my SATURDAY MORNING T.V.  Every channel i flipped to while remetabolizing with my coffee told me the U.S.A.  is a Wonderful place.  There were programs from small towns preparing for their seasonal celebratory pagents with parades and re enactments of their heritage.  Parades passed by churches with manger scenes on their lawns and smiling clerics most proud of their parishioners decorative labors.                              We are reminded America grew from Good, Benevolence and Brotherhood that Thinking people of Faith used to stifle any forces of evil that tryed to assert themselves.  And with that heritage WE THE PEOPLE can do it again and shout out the TRUTH that will put satanic forces and putrid ideas underfoot so WE may give 7 day rebirth to everything GOOD IN AMERICA:  SEE YA IN CHURCH.

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