Every American should be unified in condemning China’s actions against us now. indeed, everyone in the world who has been affected by the virus should stand together against the Chinese government.

It isn’t only about lying and covering up the virus, it’s about their continued threatening words and actions against us. Most of the media and Democrats seem to be ignoring that.

The Chinese government are now threatening Republican lawmakers and others like the state of Missouri who are trying to hold them accountable.

From Townhall:

State-run media reported Thursday that Republican lawmakers will “face severe consequences” for speaking out against China, pursuing lawsuits, and pushing “anti-China” legislation.

“Republicans who have been groundlessly accusing China and inflaming the ‘holding China accountable’ political farce will face severe consequences, sources said, noting that the aftermath will also impact the upcoming November elections, while business and trade between Missouri and China will be further soured,” the Global Times, a branch of the Communist Party of China’s People’s Daily, wrote in an article. [….]

“We must resolutely hit back at those politicians who, for no reason, undermine China-US ties for their own political benefits. For those who promote anti-China legislation, we need to find out what the business ties are between those officials or their families with China,” one research fellow at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences told the paper. “We can’t just strike back symbolically, but should impose countermeasures that could make them feel the pain.”

Here’s the Global Times’ Editor in Chief threatening “punishment.”

They’re threatening the state of Missouri because the Attorney General of Missouri, Eric Schmitt, has filed suit against China to recoup for the deaths and suffering from the pandemic.

Republicans had the perfect response.

But how do Democrats respond to this stated threat against America and American lawmakers?

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  • I do not believe the various elements of the world's left sat down and coordinated their plans centered on COVID19. I do believe that as one groups actions showed success others trumpeted their support and acted to further the effects. The entire world's leftists see this as an opportunity to take down the one nation whose constitution protects natural rights and stands as an obstacle to their fervent desires of worldwide totalitarian rule.

  • Dear Nancy,


    Anybody notice how during the "lockdown", it seems as thought Nancy got herself a facelift?  Oh yeah....but the rules only apply to us peasants.



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