• IT IS ANOTHER PART OF THE GAME POLITICANS PLAY- "FEAR" You won't get any government money, protection, health care, anything provided by gov.! JUST NOT TRUE- LIFE GOES ON

  • In any government shut down the essential services of government remain open by law...  Congress and many of the administrative services and programs shut down or are dramatically curtailed, the vital elements of government remain operational.

    Shutting the government down will demonstrate how ineffective and marginal many of our government services have become... We may learn from a long-term shutdown that these non-essential services are not needed or can operate at greatly reduced strength. 

    Let each state decide the requirements for social services... and the other non-essential services and programs they would operate.  Government-funded abortion, sexual orientation, and other such programs.  We may find that the CDC and FDA need massive reforms or elimination... give the State public health services the responsibility for handling health crisis... let the CDC be an advisory and technical support system... not the overbearing auto-cratic pseudoscientific organization it has become... shut it down... all except essential public health management and advisory services

  • It's time to destroy the Communist Democratic Party, get out and vote in mid/term elections! 

    • They will rig it like they always do.

    • You got it right!

      we will never have great candidates unless we vote in all republicans......then clean house buy getting rid of the RINOS.

  • I would fully support that 

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