Crazy Pelosi Announces official impeachment Against Trump - Link Fast

Rep. Guy Reschenthaler (R-PA) told Breitbart News this weekend that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi would rather investigate President Donald Trump again than focus on the actual origins of the Chinese coronavirus and U.S. tax dollars that went to the Wuhan Institute of Virology from which intelligence officials increasingly believe the virus leaked.

Appearing on Breitbart News Saturday on SiriusXM 125 the Patriot Channel, Reschenthaler discussed his efforts to investigate tax dollars that flowed through a New York firm to the Wuhan lab. He said that Pelosi and House Democrats are not interested in holding the Chinese Communist Party accountable and, instead, want to focus their oversight efforts on politically harming President Trump again just like they tried and failed with the partisan impeachment last year and earlier this year.

“We should have an investigative body looking at these grants, but Nancy Pelosi is not going to do that,” Reschenthaler said. “So you have myself and House Republicans. I can tell you I’m going to continue to look into these grants. I’m going to continue to look into the Department of Homeland Security as well to see what grants are going from there to China. I’m also looking at defunding the World Health Organization and we can talk about that as well. But the bottom line of the Democrats’ behavior is this: They hate this president so badly that they would rather side with the Chinese Communist Party than defend Americans and defend our spending and spend wisely and just be honest. That is their hatred for President Trump and disdain for President Trump’s supporters.

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  • The lefts disdain isn't just for Trump and his supports, it is for the USA as a whole.  The communist left's plan is to destroy the constitution and the country as a whole.

  • How is it that Nancy Pelosi seems to have the final word on EVERYTHING ?? No other Speaker of the House ever had that much power. Why is this deranged, psychotic bitch allowed to control anything and everything much to the detriment of America? Since Donald Trump has called this situation a war, he has the authority to run rough shod over her and all the democrat governors any time he feels justified in doing so. Maybe now is the time to do just that.

  • Enough Of This Nasty DemocRate Hang Her Ass! 

    • Why stop there?


  • Facts:

    1. Research on coronavirus has been going on for years.


    2. In the early 2000s, a Chinese virologist put an infectious bat DNA protein onto a SARS virus, so that the bat virus would be infectious to humans. So, SARS , already infectious to humans, was joined with a new untreatable virus protein from a bat, because by itself, the bat virus didn't infect humans.

    3. Wuhan Institute of Virolgy has been taken over by the former head of China's head of biological warfare.

    4. Chinese Communist Party restricted any flights to all parts of from Wuhan.

    5. Chineses Communist Party allowed all flights to the rest of the world.


    6. The worst hit countries have been those in Western Civilization.


    7. China has the publicly stated goal of ruling the world.


    7. China is in control of 95 % of our pharmaceutical needs.




    Connect the dots.



    • COVID





      of DEMOCRICIES.................COVID! My anger grows by the day!

  • Of course the communist demoncrats are in cahoots with the Communist Chinese government!  It is very suspicious that the demoncrats tried to remove President Trump by a Russian hoax, then a phone call with Ukraine and impeachment that went no where and finally, the Chinese virus.  ALL DEMONCRATS MUST BE VOTED OUT OF OFFICE in the local, state and federal levels. There must be NO DEMONCRATS IN OFFICE for America to survive!!

  • Smells is a nice word for it all.  What has been uncovered is an eye opener for sure.  Thank God Trump is pres.   As to Fauci he is something but not for this country.  He is a very pessimestic man and probably along w/Bill Gates can't wait to inject the entire population of this country.  She, Pelosi is rotten to the core she and her ice cream are a disaster. Are they in cahoots w/China who knows.  It would not shock me in the least.

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