Control The Narrative And Win The Day...

Control the Narrative or lose the argument... perception is often greater than reality.  The MSM and the feckless GOP are Obama's partners in the propaganda war.  It is obvious that the leadership of the GOP has lost the narrative and is losing the battle for America's ear.

Where is the focus and MSM coverage... on the foibles, corruption, and lawlessness, of this administration and the Democrat Party or the GOP's weaknesses? Why has Congress gone silent on Benghazi, Fast and Furious, and the IRS scandals?  During an election year would it not be to the advantage of the GOP to command the public podium and to emphasize the differences between the Democrat and Republican Party? It appears the GOP is reluctant to use its voice to focus the public narrative on issues important to the people and their base.

It is time to open Impeachment hearings ... something the MSM would be hard-pressed not to cover and a forum the GOP can use to contrast the lawlessness of this Administration and the Democrat Party against the GOP's conservative values.  Given the current rant on 'Illegal Immigration' and its divisive nature on the GOP party; it is clear that the GOP has lost the narrative and is being deftly and effectively maneuvered by the Democrat Party and MSM.

It's time to shift gears...  to catch the public's ear by holding Impeachment hearings. Even better, revive the House Committee on Un-American Activities. Yes, you heard that correctly.  Can one imagine the opportunity to contrast the progressive Democrat Party's views with those of the GOP and the narrative that would generate?  Opening a frank debate on which party champions the American way could only work to the GOP's advantage.

Speaker Boehner take  Rep. Stockman's lead...  focus the attention of the MSM on issues beneficial to the GOP and the American cause.  Rep. Stockman's proffering of a House Resolution, to arrest the IRS agent Lois Lerner,  certainly commanded the day and focused the national narrative on the Democrat Party's lawlessness. What is needed is to paint the narrative with broad stripes and bold colors that command the nation's attention and mobilize the GOP base.  Nothing like a series of arrests and hearings to Impeach, to shift attention away from the GOP's weaknesses onto the lawlessness in the Democrat Party?

Control the narrative or lose the argument... which will it be Speaker Boehner?  Will the GOP manage to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory or control the narrative and win the day?


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  • Yep, and this is precisely in line with the 5GW (5th Generation Warfare) that General Michael Flynn describes in his book on the subject. I don't always agree with Col. Nelson but his arguments in this case are worthy of consideration. But We the People are the government, and if we just watch from the stands, like at an NFL game, then the power brokers in and out of elected office will do as they please and we will pay the price.

  • I'm glad you have time to post meaningless calls to arms.  I wish you had tried to refute some of my arguements, which gave the lie to some of your own. 

    But be that as it may, let me ask who exactly is it that you expect to open impeachment hearings?  Shift gears you say, and exactly who are you talking to?  The Director of the CIA is presently in Davos.  Speaker Boehner hasn't been in office since 2015.  Where is the MSM coverage you ask?  Really?  Control the narrative as, if that were possible as, if public opinion, or the electorate's vote even carried any weight.  A frank debate you say, well that's just a far, far too many election cycles and a million miles behind us now.  For those of us who still haven't lost our facilities, America is gone.  The center did not hold.  Signs of collapse are everywhere around us and the worst hasn't even begun.

    Brazil and Argentina are creating a joint currency to get away from American currency dominated trade exchanges.  India and Russia are trading in rubbles.  China is doing as much trade as possible in Yuan as the US dollar continues to devalue and American bankers including the Fed continue to hoard gold.  Even the Saudis are trying to decouple from dollar dominated oil trades.  So blind, crippled and crazy, this is where they come to post.  Seems I'm in the right place after all.  Maybe I should just put pebbles in my mouth and shout into the surf?

    • P/S...

       I agree in principle that pebbles (preferably airborne) and shouting may be our best hope for Government  Reforms... to, that end, I understand Nancy is outlawing rock collections that contain more than ten rocks and dentures... 

      On the bright side... a little vocalization never hurts when an imminent crack-up is about to occur... it helps clear the room and vent one's frustrations and it's better than a .45 Cal lobotomy. . no permit required.

    • First, this thread was meant to be a rehash of a 2014 post...  Hence, I intended this thread to call attention to a long-neglected catalyst that would refocus the Nation on the key issues important to Patriots and the GOP's base.  The urgent need to capture and control the political narrative... rather than infighting or chasing the Democrat's political0 dialogue.  As for Impeachment, it is a TOOL that could be used to focus the nation's attention on the lawless and oft-treasonous conduct of the Democrats.

      Next, in light of a split Congress and the GOP's narrow majority in the House and minority status in the US Senate... it is implausible that the GOP will be able to CONTROL the narrative thru the legislative process or the drone of tired and rehashed HEARINGS.  Hearings that abuse the senses of the public over the well-documented and known criminal conduct in the Democrat Party.   Prosecutions of key democrats are unlikely given the present alignment in the Administration and DOJ.   

      The debt ceiling, out-of-control spending, and the migrant invasion are also well-understood problems likely to increase in the interim... under the present political gridlock... any compromise will likely lead to amnesty or some other unacceptable resolution to the tens of millions now here illegally and for the corrupt in government.  The Political Narrative needs to shift from the democrat's humanitarian guilt trip and WOKE policies to those that enforce our current laws and removes... by impeachment or reorganization... whole categories of individuals now in charge of immigration and the Administration of government... if one can not fire them... defund their agency and/or create a new one. Thus, requiring the appointment of new management and administrative immigration judges... do away with their current positions by reorganizing DHS, the INS, Border Patrol, and the Administrative Judicial system (article 1 judges).

      Impeachment proceedings may be the only means available for Congress to pursue the runaway criminal conduct in government... Articles of Impeachment are the sole duty of the House.  The hearings on the issue of Articles of Impeachment would keep the Dems and MSM occupied, chasing a GOP-controlled narrative.  There is nothing like a series of hearings to Impeach, to shift attention from the GOP's weaknesses onto the lawlessness in the Democrat Party. 

      Finally, any conservative effort to save our Republic is facing  GRIDLOCK ...  it is unlikely constructive progress will be made without the serious application of well-thought-out political and legislative strategies, leveraging every Parliamentary and Constitutional prerogative manage to prevail.  Some of which have not seen the light of day since the Civil War period.  If only men like Andrew Jackson were alive and in power today.  A little duel now and then on the South Lawn of the White House may solve what otherwise appears to be enigmatic.

      Finally, any conservative efforts to save our Republic are facing  GRIDLOCK ... and it is unlikely any real progress will be made.   Unless we control the narrative we will lose our nation... which will it be?  Will the GOP manage to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory or control the narrative and win the day?


    • Perhaps gridlock has been the answer along. If the Congress is gridlocked on passage of even more laws and funding for the alphabet soup agencies of unelected regulaters who promulgate these rules, and to pay the agents who enforce them, then maybe the American people can just govern themselves in peace in their own states, counties, cities and towns, and then live with the consequences of their own actions, or lack thereof. It appears that the centralized federal government in Washington DC has become more of a problem itself, rather than a solution to any of those that the average person faces every day. And it has become an increasingly expensive, annoying and intrusive one at that.

    • CONGRESSIONAL GRIDLOCK is the worst possible situation... it permits the President and his Administration to operate using Executive Orders and Regulatory Authority FREE FROM CONGRESSIONAL OVERSIGHT.   What happened to the RED WAVE?

      Gridlock begs the question... Was the RED WAVE deliberately shanghaied by the deep state and its operatives in both political parties? Did the elites in the 'Shadow Government' provide the Democrat Administration with an open door, to finish off our Constitutional Republic and any lingering hope of its restoration?  Is the unveiling of the DAVOS elite the opening act in the final episode of the current world order?

      Are America and its conservative base facing the PERFECT STORM... watching the decapitation of our Nation's soverign government?  All roads appear to lead to a new world order, an order where the people serve a new-age aristocracy leading a quasi-feudal economy and government.

  • In the end they will NOT control the Lord Jesus when he comes back and reigns!!!

    • A house built on sand will fall, and the fall of it will be great.

      America was constructed on a solid foundation from a promise of God Himself to a man of faith (Abraham) several thousand years past. Our founding as the greatest single Nation the world has ever known was not the result of an accident and it was not the result of our own efforts apart from the intervention of God. It is important to remember and never forget that point.

      Over the years we have done just that. We have forgotten God, we have allowed Him to be dismissed from our government, and we are reaping what we planted in the good soil that is no longer watered and provided with a climate that promotes health and abundance and well being for all that live here. Our blessings are thrown away just as we have thrown God out of our lives.

      The course we are presently on is wrong. Some can openly see that it is. Others refuse to admit it. 

    • Yeah, I'm confused.  I don't remember Abraham being any founding father.  Nor am I so certain of any of your other premises.  So which is it?  Built as you claim on a promise God made to Abraham  thousands of years before America was even in existence.  Yet nowhere can anyone find any mention of America to Abraham.  You say it's important and never forget that point.  Which of your bits of conflicting and nosensical information are we to remember Dale?

      Oh I think a lot more folk can see we are on the wrong course, or path than find your explannation to be the reason.  I would suggest it is the workings of your mind that are built on sand.

    • Yep, most people who don't bother to read the history of the human race in ancient history are bound to be confused. The Abrahamic faiths and worldviews of Judaism, Christianity and Islam all trace back to Abraham and the Biblical principles upon which most western governments are based and have incorporated into their constitutions.

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