• I heard this morning that the Republican Party is trying to split the Trump supporters out of the party. This would surely set up a supportive basis for further labelling Conservatives that support Trump and America First as internal terrorists. That's the plan. Get ready to be an enemy in your own country and hunted as such. 

  • Whatever is kicking a lot of us

  • There was no insurrection on Jan 6th, the entire episode was PRE-PLANED by the Marxist Democrat Party... its purpose was to disrupt the challenges to the Electoral Vote and to use the peaceful assembly by the MAGA group in DC to disrupt it.  It is also being used as an excuse to INTIMIDATE and illegally arrest, detain, and label WHITE conservatives as Domestic Terrorist; the GREATEST TERRORIST THREAT in America.  Did you know that the Government sees white dissidents a more dangerous than BLM and Antifa. Instead, of pursuing legitimate citizens, as they exercise their right to assemble and petition their government our National Security apparatus should be identifying the Marxist in the government and their subversive agents.

    The murder of Ms. Alicia Babbit the female demonstrator shot needs to be investigated... The DC Police Department must be relieved of its jurisdiction over the investigation of the events on January 6th.  Congress must commission an outside law enforcement agency to investigate the entire episode... including the murder of  Ms. Alicia Babbit and the death of several others.  If we are to arrive at the legitimate cause of the events we must have an independent investigation.  However, it is highly unlikely anything will happen to clarify and properly categorize what happened in the Jan. 6th DC riots.  This event was created by the Left to justify pursuing their political enemies. We are seeing the state being weaponized against the citizen dissident.

    This event is the initial phase for the coming PURGE of millions of innocent MAGA  dissidents.  Look for the false narrative labeling WHITE SUPREMACIST as the most dangerous domestic enemy of the USA.  If you are on this website and white you are likely a target.  Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dorhn  (weatherman radicals) once said 20 million US Citizens would need to be purged to install a Marxist Government... too, avoid a counter-revolution.

    • The real question is; HOW CAN "WE THE PEOPLE" fight this?
      Daily we are watching Our U.S.A. slip away from us.
      Our Foreign & Domestic Enemies are laughing their @$$e$ off.
      We've become like the big fish in the water, where the fisherman is playing the hard game of catch until the fish is weakened and can't fight back.
      Joe Biden; Obama's Useful Idiot; doesn't even know what he's doing, as all he cares about is The Presidential Title and going down in History.
      There won't be "AN AMERICAN HISTORY" it is also being removed.
      The Federal Government has the artillary to finish us off.

    • I second that and furthermore the Democrats did not want Donald Trump to have a second term in office.


    • neither did mcconnell, graham, murkowski, collins, cheney, and the rest of the deep state establishment gop TRAITORS!!!!!!!!!!


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  • YES! it is in fact it is bigger than Sinister.

  • The sinister is that the devildemocommiecrats got President Trump out of office and are now coming after us.  Remenber he said that what they want is the American people, he was just in the way.  They got him and are now looking to destroy We the People and establish the new world order global dictatorship satan and soros have been paying them to do.  The gop establishment is part of the EVIL cabal

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