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When a Supreme Court justice is caught flying MAGA battle flags at his houses, it’s a pretty dazzling transgression. 🧵
But not a solitary one. It is worsened by the billionaire-funded gifts program for Thomas and Alito that rewards them with Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous.
It is worsened by secrecy in not disclosing these extravagant gifts, and by warping laws and rules to protect that secrecy, and very possibly by tax law violations around those gifts.
It is worsened by Alito offering his opinion denying Congress’s right to examine these gifts, in an “interview” with the lawyer defending his buddy and fixer Leonard Leo in our investigation about Alito’s gifts.
It is worsened when the pretense of legitimacy puts Alito and Thomas on cases from which they should have been recused or offered legitimate, official explanations.
It is worsened by their adherence to instruction delivered to them by the billionaires via front groups that file “amicus” briefs at the Court in coordinated flotillas, without disclosing their connections. The pattern is stunning.
It’s worsened when the billionaires behind the gifts and flotillas are the billionaires who orchestrated putting these justices on the Court, using more front groups and gobs of dark money and their spidery organizer Leonard Leo.
It is worsened by omertà from all their colleagues, and utter administrative failure to rein in the rogue justices, virtually no matter what. Impunity breeds arrogance and corruption. Silence becomes complicity.
And it is dramatically worsened when the Court, uniquely in the land, allows no inquiry or investigation about what the facts are, so that these justices can just call themselves safe on base when it’s plain to all that they are out, out, out.
No facts; no justice. Just fog and tap dance. Enough.

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  • He flew an American flag upside down, I heard. So did I when Obama was President. It says our country is in trouble, and it definitely is.

    • Certainly seems that all de"mock"rats are hypocrits.  Also, it wasn't Alito who flew the flag upside down - it was his wife in response to actions and criticisms by neighbors.


  • Oh my goodness, Whitehouse just listed and described every single tactic and shenanigan the democommies, themselves, use in their own daily operations, as they are always so busy explaining away and covering up all their insipid and illegal actions!!?

  • The history of this incident is NOT quite clear to me.  What i perceive though is that CONSERVATIVE JUSTICES ALITO and Thomas have taken money that would be classified as a "bribe". And that MAGA banner announces personal strong support for TRUMP, (Who i Support), But judges who are supposed to be neutral in their courts and make an unbiased decision render themselves suspect by such an overt show of allegiance publicly .

  • They are all mentally ill. We need mental institutions....perhaps that would be a good use for the UN building! 

    • I agree. 

    • I agree

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