Democrats never know when to quit.

They keep trying to defend Joe Biden’s indefensible “You ain’t black” comment or spin it to be something less offensive that it is.


Of course the problem is they’re trying to make it go away but it’s not something that people are going to forget.

So what have Democrats and their willing agents in liberal media been trying concentrate on instead? How dare President Donald Trump point out Biden’s racist remarks or tell others about it!

Republicans pounce!


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  • Democrats have been using America's black population as "The Tail That Wags The Dog" in elections since the days of FDR. They constantly promote the racist theme that all blacks are somehow victims of “Whitey”. The less education that black people receive, the better democrats like it. The last thing democrats want is for black people to get an education and take a good hard look at what democrats have “Done for Them” An objective look at: Chicago, Detroit, Philadelphia, Baltimore, …etc, etc should be enough to show the black community just how the democrats want them.

    • that is the fact

  • IF as they did in our primary have more than one candidate splitting their votes that's all good for us good guys.  Still lots of sour grapes and socialist fools supporting sanders.  Hope there are even MORE flyover folks voting with us in november.

  • this is not going to be over any time soon.

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