• The incompetence and irresponsible behavior continues, JOE BIDEN and his administration had 97 days to come up with a solution, But as usual they did absolutely nothing which is very normal for this administration,At some point our NATIONAL DEBT has to become a serious priority, UNCLE SUGAR DADDY IS RUNNING OUT OF MONEY AND OPTIONS, The reckless spending has to stop we are a wealthy nation when compared to the rest of the world, But that does not mean we can keep spending and borrowing Its time WASHINGTON WOKE UP TO THAT FACT.  

  • The squad should ALL be kicked out of congress!

  • Is "Antifa" on standby?

  • THE DEBT CEILING: What does that mean?
    Another imaginery crisis created by the political system?
    My guess would be that it means whatever Blackrock wants it to mean.

  • Sounds like insurrection to me!!!!!  The Jan 6 thing was peaceful except for the paid antifa thugs the devildemocommiecrats bused in to cause problems so they could bad mouth Trump supporters who were merely expressing legal outrage over an election stolen by MASSIVE FRAUD!!!!!!!!!!  Let them riot and unleash the police on them!!!!!!!!!!

  • She and her ilk will probably pay them to do so. A proper fix for the problem is the mayor Richard Daley fix. It'll stop quick.

  • Not but once if we let law enforcement do their jobs. Support  the cops let them do their job give them access to the National Guard what ever they need. Lock up these Thugs and throw away the keys. Let them sit in jail for a year or two waiting  on arraignment.  Just like the folks that are locked up in D.C. 

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