i got this from POCKET . TO shorten it i eliminated the authors and sources between each concept which are presented in articles. But WOW, it sure says alot:  Pocket has the Bibliographies for all these worthyStories to fuel your mind: How to Talk to People You Disagree With Especially now
Bridge the divide with thoughtful conversation techniques, next-level listening, and a dip into the science of changing minds.
***** In these polarized times, it’s tempting to retreat further into our echo chambers. Instead, consider how much We all have to gain by connecting with those who see things differently than we do. We’ve brought together some of the best advice. How to have a productive conversation with someone you disagree with, as well as proven tips for how to change someone’s mind, and the science behind how our brains process; different methods of persuasion.Whether you’re trying to see eye to eye with a colleague, repair a relationship, or attempt to untangle a loved one’s problematic beliefs, our guide will arm you with the techniques you need.
****Why Hostility Can Bring People Closer Together. “Hostile mediators" can be a surprisingly powerful tool in resolving conflict.
***How to Listen—Really Listen—to Someone You Don’t Agree With. Listening may not be the most exciting part of conversation, but it’s essential if you want to have a meaningful exchange with another person.***How to Find Common Ground When It Seems Impossible.Sometimes, workplace conflict seems insurmountable. Here’s how to get to a place of agreement.How to Stop Getting Defensive.Learn graceful ways to cope with feeling defensive.How to Change a Mind----Missy spent more than five years getting her husband to leave a cult, but the breakthrough was simple.Conversations on Polarizing Topics Are Possible. If You’re Up for It, Here’s How to Start.Although they make me feel like I’m treading on thin ice, these difficult conversations are important to have.How to (Actually) Change Someone’s Mind >>>>>>>
Much of leadership boils down to turning adversaries into allies.how To Talk to Friends With Different Political Views. Here’s some advice on how to go about it.How Therapists Talk To Their Family Members With Different Political Views
How to avoid a big argument about politics with your loved ones.How Political Opinions Change. A clever experiment shows how it's.surprisingly easy to change someone’s political views, revealing how flexible we are: Why Facts Don’t Change Our Minds. Truth and accuracy are not the only things that matter to the human mind. Humans also seem to have a deep desire to belong. Can Empathy Bridge Political Divides? Yes, says sociologist Robb Willer—but the effort needs to be respectful and mutual. How to Talk Someone Out of Bigotry.These scientists keep proving that reducing prejudice is possible. It’s just not easy. How Twitter Helped Change The Mind Of A Westboro Baptist Church Member [LISTEN] “I started to feel like I was becoming part of this community on Twitter. And that was the first time that I really felt ashamed of what I was doIng <<<<< Must-read articles.  

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    The GOP is a do nothing party any more...why in the H spend all this time on an inquiry on Hunter and Joey poopy pants when all that will happen is..Joey Boy will pardon himself and his son..or the Senate will..seems ridiculous to this old lady...
    Nothing done re: China except excuses on the spy balloon.
    We have two chances for a good, moral president and all this darn media can do is drive the fascist numbers upwards...
    Wouldn't it be keen to have a country being put together by someone whom is moral, has values, (such and God and Country, families, Father and Mother I Love YOU), ethics, respect for life, etc.  Maybe women would even get the message you need a daddy in the home not a Father; or maybe even moreso, try to figure out a better way to have your children raised than putting them in a pre school that teaches onward communism.
    Busy Buzzy Bee
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    Just as RETIRED Army Colonel Bill says-the new house speaker could push impeachment for BIDEN but NOPE.  We need Martial Law and our Military on the border. We have waited too long, too patiently to stop this migration.

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    From: "Barb Anderson" <siouxcro@gmail.com>
    Sent: Friday, December 29, 2023 8:31pm

    Biden is guilty of Sedition on one or more charges, same with Treason and all our government does, both parties is fold their hands and grin n grumble
    Like the Colonel said their homes are protected and refrigz full
    On Fri, Dec 29, 2023 at 7:22 PM radianttwo@reagan.com <radianttwo@reagan.com> wrote:

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J-_opuFuE_0&embeds_referring_eu...                                           https://patriotcommandcenter.org/forum/rick-scott-they-want-a-deadl...                                                                         https://patriotcommandcenter.org/forum/texas-independent-reporter-discovers-trucks-loaded-to-bring-  illeg=show?commentId=7928364%3AComment%3A3181992&xg_source=msg_com_forum      https://patriotcommandcenter.org/forum/texas-independent-reporter-d...




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  • On rereading each of the points, i realize how deficient i Still am and actually how "civilization" might benefit if a course curriculum ,,,for continuing education starting at kinder, just might make for a better world. But it seems like "WE THE plumber, accountant, house painter, roofer, electrician, bus driver, pastor and all of the rest of our neighbors need to be the "Course Designers" RATHER Than The POLITICALLY INCLINED who We elect to "OFFICE".

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