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  • He must be totally deranged!!!

  • Trump would get up from his sick bed and drag himself into the oval office before he'd see Piglosi in charge.

  • She treats the congress as a dictator. What would br different on running the country?

     Does Bill Kristol  look foward to  total tyranny?

  • Pick any homeless person off the street in Washington dc  and they would be better than Pelosi

      At least they would show up for work.  

    • not any homeless person

  • Hooror on horror!

  •  I find the idea of both Trump and Pence becoming incapacitated by COVID-19 and thus being replaced by Pelosi intriging.  To reduce the possibility of that happening, Trump and Pence should start wearing masks and stay 6 feet apart as per CDC guidance.

    • that is a good idea

  • Mr. Kristal, you are correct.  As I read many of the postings, I read angry and ill-informed members.   Trump has blown the Corona Virus crisis by lying and promising blue sky.  Pelosi is a skilled leader.  Moreover, she leads honestly and with Christian values you TeaBaggers profess to possess but don't.   Trump, on the other hand, is non-Christian, pretending and lying about faith.  Look at his body language when ministers pray over him.   Look at his behavior at the last Prayer Breakfast.  Yes, tRump should recuse himself for 14 days.  Pence should too, but he's guilty of using his crackpot version of Christianity to infect over 250 cases of AIDS in little Scott County Indiana.  I hold him accountable if thos people died of AIDS.   tRump---how many deaths from CoVid = the number of deaths for which you are responsible.   Now why doesn't the Tea Party just admit you made a huge mistake.   Let all  Americans draw together to heal this country.  Dump Trump/Pence.  


    • Trump 2020, Never any Democrat they hampered EVERYTHING President Trump has tried to do to fix this country but the swamp won't drain because too many criminals keep plugging the dyke

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