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    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • If would have been one of the guards I would have walked out with the doctor because his duties are the same as a police officer a military member and the duty is to protect 


  • I pray all these places get sued for this BS

  • Some see a highly trained and dedicated professional being ostracized from the workplace, under pretext of business property rights or general health issues.

    I see an American victimized by a New World order genocide agenda conceived and undertaken by an International Corporate cabal and serviced Progressive Socialist lackeys influencing governments.

    Gee, could both be true?

  • American is this USA or China 

  • There should be many Law Suits going on for this Institution and the Secutiy Guard to man-handle this Dr.  The mandates are NOT law... this is a free country, and nothing like this should be mandated.  I stand with the Dr. and his freedom to not take the jab and put the experimental drug in HIS body!  We are not guina pigs... nothing "EXPERIMENTAL" should be mandated..  

    • Heike,

      You obviously didn't hear of the two mice talking.

      One asks the other "did you have your Covid shot yet?"

      he responds "no, I think they're still trying it on humans"


    • " We are not guina pigs... nothing "EXPERIMENTAL" should be mandated.."

      I would say not for any pre-emptive context at all. Pre-emptions and curtailments against individual civil rights, freedoms, and liberties based on supposition, violates and contradicts these civil liberties' self-evidence.This is why legitimate courts (unlike the FISA star-courts) only act remedially to an event or action.

  • I stand with him, I didn't think these people were heroes, (we use the word too loosely) they were doing their jobs, but today he is a HERO for he stands for freedom!

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