• I've seen a lot of awkward things happening in our country for many years and fully woke up when the satanic entities sat a kenian in the WH. Who are these entities that don't show their faces but exercise full control our country and the rest of the world?. I am quite sure that if these entities wouldn't exist, the peoples of the world would be living in peace and harmony. So what crime cartels should we go after?

    • Be of good courage ARNOLD.... for in the fulness of time God shall bring justice to His people and the wicked to judgment.  A better day and a perfect world are just over the horizon.  God has prepared a garden in the new world where we may once more walk hand in hand with our Father...

  • Dont forget corrupt republicans that are also part of this "Global cartel".!!!!

  • There is nothing new happening here... the Marxist model for what is happening is written in stone and has been repeated several times... those who refuse to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.  Figuring out the game is not our problem... it is engaging n the game with the necessary resources and leadership that is missing...

    The welathy are unwilling to commit the leadership and RESOURCING needed to effectively counter the Marxist insurgency taking place in our nation.  America is on life support and that support is insufficient to keep it alive much longer  Donald Trump is offering the leadership but quite frankly the resourcing needed is not present ... we still lack the national unity and organization needed to guarantee our nation's future as a Constitutional Republic.

    • President Donald J. Trump provides the necessary leadership and he will also use a few of his billions to provide the resources when push comes to shove. We have already seen that he selflessly served the nation once before. He will do so again, but this time more effectively. With his strong and decisive leadership skills he will assume total authority over the country and clean up the mess once and for all when he gets back into the White House in January 2025.

    • Well, Paul, I hope he gets to the White House before XI and the invading hordes burn it down...  Time is not on our side and US Elections have proven to be problematic... serious challenges with tabulation problems and election officials that can't add.

  • Oh please do it; that is one cause I would somehow find the funds to to which to donate. Would be hard - thanks to TRAITOR JOE my paycheck barely goes for enough to cover expenses.

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