EU accuses US of PROFITEERING from Ukraine war

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The EU has accused the US of profiteering from the Ukraine war by selling guns and gas at ramped up prices.

Several high-ranking officials within the Bloc accused Joe Biden of capitalizing on the brutal Russian invasion by marking up the cost to import the vital products.

One senior official told Politico they believe America was standing to gain the most from the continuation of the fighting, nine months after soldiers first invaded.

'The fact is, if you look at it soberly, the country that is most profiting from this war is the U.S. because they are selling more gas and at higher prices, and because they are selling more weapons,' the official said.

In recent months, Europeans have weaned off Russian energy and gas with the countries forced to look to the US for their oil.

EU countries however pay roughly four-times as much for gas as it costs in America, with cheaper energy becoming hugely competitive in the states.

Businesses are looking to pump cash into the US fuel market with new investments - as some even relocate their firms to the other side of the Atlantic.

It has sent some world leaders in Europe into a frenzy, with French President Emmanuel Macron recently saying it was not friendly of the US to treat allies as it is.

Meanwhile European countries are suffering an arms shortage due to huge shipments that have been sent to Ukraine - with them racing to replenish supplies over the winter.

Yet the Americans continue to send more, with the cost of supplying Ukraine to the US now at over $19billion as another $400million was added earlier this week.

It comes at an already tumultuous moment between the Americans and several nations as Europe grapples with the fallout from Biden's green subsidies.

'The Inflation Reduction Act has changed everything,' one EU official said. 'Is Washington still our ally or not?'

Tensions came to a boil on Friday as EU trade ministers met and branded the act 'discriminatory', ahead of it coming into force in just over a month.

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  • Hmm, wonder exactly how EU "imagines" the US is profiteering from this when Joe bite-me is driving us bankrupt funding it? Unless, of course, the EU itself is actually profiting and just doing "projection maneuver"to steer attention away from themselves. Not impossible, you know.

  • Now we know why Biden gave Ukraine's small military more than 1 1/2 times what Russia spends on its entire Military for a year! 
    Now we know how the Democrats outspent Republicans 40 to 1 in the 2020 midterms! 
  • Wouldn't be a bit surprised, but I think the EU had better turn a mirror on itself also.  Could very well be a case of the pot calling the kettle black.  Or the Eu trying to get out of helping its neighbor!

  • Thus proving the EU is as stupid as Americans know they are. Profitting when we're wasting billions in support. Get off your butts and do something yourselves.

  • I think this means the traitor-in-chief has been paraded naked before the World Court of Opinion, and that when Trump returns, the entire world will celebrate---and they won't be able to help themselves from celebrating.

    And let the handler/s-in-chief be nakedly exposed also, so that that marxist idol who rose from the pits of hell----comes crashing down on his ugly face. Let it be so. And for that other racist, marxist tool of Satan, let him crash naked, too. And let it be fully known about the $86,000 WH "cost" for bringing in "pizza" to OUR WH when food can NOT be brought in to the WH. Let every link in that depraved chain be broken and burned in the fire of hell for all eternity. Let every link in that Marxist chain of diversity, equity and inclusion be also blown by the Rods of God back to the very pits of hell for all eternity. 

    Let the depravity that some of us know about be fully thrown in the faces of those who refused to see, hear or speak, so these people can again pick up the mantle and song of America the Beautiful again. Let it be so.

    Let the covering above and below of Law be Lex-non-Scripta (Kingdom /air) and the Common Law (of the Land) again be ours in faith, in law, in testimony, and in the 7 mountains of culture, and that we may Rest within the Blessing of our Creator. Amen

    • I defintely hope so.


    • Please feel free to add if you like.

This reply was deleted.