Expulsion is the most serious form of disciplinary action that can be taken against a Member of Congress. The United States Constitution (Article I, Section 5, Clause 2) provides that "Each House [of Congress] may determine the Rules of its proceedings, punish its members for disorderly behavior, and, with the concurrence of two-thirds, expel a member."  quote: Wikipedia

THE NEXT CONGRESS NEEDS TO FOCUS ON THE EXPULSION of its corrupt members... and to refer criminal conduct for PROSECUTION.  NO MORE HEARINGS... TRIALS FOR EXPULSION NEED TO BE THE FIRST ORDER OF BUSINESS IN THE HOUSE ... The Senate may not have the votes to Expel bad US Senators, based on the raw number of GOP seats available to convict and expel US Senators are not there. Expulsions in the Senate may have to wait until the 2024 Election cycle.

Congressional oversight Hearings are staged circuses... Congress has sufficient evidence of criminal activity in the Congressional Record to refer members for criminal indictment and expulsion... There are mountains of hard, credible, evidence pointing to crimes by sitting and former members of Congress in the Congressional record. Adding more evidence of members' crimes or rehashing old evidence holds no one accountable... expulsion and indictments are warranted.

Why has EXPULSION not been used to remove bad apples from Congress... Voting is not the only Constitutional means to remove corrupt members of Congress.  Expulsion is a Constitutional process that is solely in the hands of Congress... It is not subject to judicial or executive review or action. Why has EXPULSION not been used to REMOVE the bad apples from Congress?  Perhaps the bad apples are running Congress? 

It doesn't take IMPEACHMENT or criminal indictment to EXPEL a member of Congress... bad conduct is enough.  However, the leadership must initiate hearings to EXPEL a sitting member of either House of Congress.  EXPULSION HEARINGS NEED TO BE THE FIRST ORDER OF BUSINESS in the next Congress.

The legislation Rep Scalise and McCarthy are proposing for the next congress will never become law... The President will VETO any GOP Bill he doesn't approve, and the votes needed in the US SENATE to override his VETO are not there.  Scalise and McCarthy know this and choose to obfuscate and misdirect the actions needed to reform Congress.  It is disengenuous to suggest such bills will be possible. There are more effective actions that can be taken by the next congress... cleaning Congress's house, and taking the TRASH OUT using the expulsion process would be a much better use of Congress's time. 

Expulsion and replacement of the bad apples in the US Senate could add the votes needed in the US Senate to pass reform legislation over the President's Veto. EXPEL 3 corrupt Democrat Senators and replace them with 3 conservatives and voila the vote in the US Senate to override a Presidential veto is suddenly possible.  Why not conduct EXPULSION HEARINGS instead of oversight hearings that go nowhere?

McCarthy and McConnell need to focus on expelling the corrupt members of Congress and removing (IMPEACHING) SES civil service appointees (The Administrative State). Do what works and stop focusing the public and Congress's attention on hearings that do nothing but infuriate the public.

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    • I believe I have.  Do you have any concrete suggestions or criticisms?  Is there sometrhing troubling you, something you don't understand.  I see grammatically correct, properly structured sentences.  Perhaps you see, or understand something I don't.

    • Pardon my grammar but, I don't read a lot of comments and have not read any of yours until now. I feel impelled to suggest that you stop nit-picking.. I  might also suggest the "M.A." after your name looks ridiculous. 

    • Language is an art whose palette is wet with many colors and styles… the expression of the author's voice… There is the classist whose mirror image of reality is awe-inspiring perfection or the cubist with his confrontational tongue that challenges every aspect of grammar.  Language like art is to express the thought of its progenitor…. In the colors of the artist’s mind… oft with tones of adversity and unfettered want to splash words upon the ears of the unwashed.

      Whatever means the author chooses it is the reader whose final view of his work that is the measure of its success… in its value for communicating the ideas and images in the mind of the artist… to those targeted by his pen.  Like the brush strokes of the conventional artist, the writer weaves a message not always so obvious as to bear the marks of the classist… he may find expression in a Catch-22 dialogue, littered with the harsh grammar of the palette knife.

      Whatever, the writer's means of communicating… the measure of his effectiveness is found in the mind's eye… in the grasp of the writer's hieroglyphics by the mind of his targeted audience.  He with an ear to hear will hear and he with an eye to see can find… vistas of beauty or oceans of chaos... all in the same words.  Communication is more an art than the dictatorial regime of the lawgiver.

    • What a wonderful synopsis, really good stuff and of course just exactly so.  Your comment was fun and intersting and only now do I see it was in defense of, or perhaps as an explanation of my own comments.  I have answered Nowland directly and I prefer to view your comments independently from his remarks as they stand and edify on their own merits.

    • Perhaps you should police your own grammar before chastising anothers. OK?

    • I believe thisis really worthwhile.


      Busting The Box: The Real Reason Behind the Great Reset [02/10/2022]
    • Many of this author's comments and views have been presented on this site over the past decade or more... However this video presents them in an entertaining and impactful format... It leas the hearer, awe-struck at how helpless we are in the hands of the Central Banks... the juggernauts of World finance  It explains how leaderless and bankrupt our hope for constructive reform has become. It amplifies the reasons we lack effective leadership for our cause and it details why the wealth and institutional resources required to correct the course of our economy and Its institutions have failed to appear... 

      Central banks need to be audited... to identify and expose their fraudulent use of fiat currency to manufacture fiat debt, in exchange for the assets of the poor and middle class. The globalist bankers' have issued fiat currency (Unsecured Bank Notes) in exchange for GOVERNMENT DEBT secured with gold, silver... real wealth, and physical assets.  Assets that are at risk of forfeiture if the Government defaults on its Debt.  

      The use of banknotes... in the form of fiat currency as legal tender for the payment of all debts owed has robbed us of our gold and silver reserves.  The Fed has exchanged their fiat currency for our gold and silver reserves.

      I would suggest that the US Treasury turn the scales on the Fed and pay off the debt owed to it with the same fiat currency that created the debt owed... In addition, a full audit of the Fed should be made to Identify where all the gold and silver reserves held by the US Treasury have gone... with criminal indictments and asset seizures to regain custody of those reserves to follow.

    • Great suggestions all of them, but of course they won't happen.  Ron Paul made a career and retired didn't he, still asking for an audit of the Fed? 

    • I thought I was grammatical.  My sentence structure seems OK to me.  Anyway, I thank you for your support.  Let's see his response.  Maybe I made some mistake?

    • Leadership is supposed to be responsible, honorable, and loyal to those they lead... if they were the people would not need to stand guard over their soverignty and rights.  Leadership's moral decay and betrayal are no longer hidden. The betrayal of the trust given to these criminals has finally become more than the public can bear and the recent false hope that our nation's problems can be corrected without removing most of the leaders being replaced has ended. 

      The problem is leadership, not the public... The People elected leadership with the expectation that they will honorably discharge their oaths of office. The Public is the victim of professional confidence operatives... conmen and women.  They voted for the carefully crafted and manufactured images of politicians they thought were of strong moral character with a history of sterling ethics only to discover they have been deceived and betrayed. .. 

      Now that the people are aware of how despicable these individuals are there will be changes... However, as you noted it will take several election cycles to completely expel the CRIMINALS operating as our political leadership.  They will not voluntarily step aside... that would be the honorable thing to do...

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