• CNN is another guilty party in the effort to take down our country.a.k.a. the enemy within....................Can we just cut the Schiff about now?

  • Albert,

    You might be right if I just had some damn clue as to what the Hell you're talking about! 

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • Albert,

    It is not unusual or unnatural for "Politicians" to be blamed for all the "Evils and Ills" that befall us. The question more failed to be asked is, "How were they allowed to get there?" Good and Honest Americans do not sit, whine, blame and point fingers at "Who is at fault and Why!" Good and Honest Red Blooded Americans spend their excess time and energies supporting their beliefs and/or candidates during their non working periods, and post elections they do not rest on their "Laurels" nor Slack, but still focus great amounts of funds/energy/time in assuring this Republic adheres to its Constitution and Bill of Rights thought constant observation of the Elected and Proposed Legislation.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • Both are evil insane idiots

  • Skeptical,

    The French Revolution began with the "Storming of the Bastille", which actually met with very little resistance. This was followed by masses of " Poor and Starving" dragging the relatively few educated, fat, rich and elite from their heated and well apportioned homes to be locked up in the former Prisons Reserved for Crimes Committed by the Poor. Aside from the Word "Revolution" being the only comparison between France and Us, Then and Now, the similarities end. If anything we witness an attempt of a reversal of taking the "Wealth of the Middle-class Majority" to Redistribute among the Minority Population of Poverty Americans", through the manipulation and means of Progressive Socialist Democratic Tools and Procedures, not similar to any previous conditions known before in History. All Periods of History record "Peace" during times of "Majority Wealth Distribution among Middle Class", regardless of Extreme Wealth at the Top, nor Extreme Poverty at the Bottom. It is Not Conditions that has brought Americans to this point, but Manipulations!

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

    • Simlarities, oh they are there. its lying politicians who gather in secret to take what we earn and don't return anything of value to "we the people" it only a matter of "the masses" We the people are the law, and we can change it. what is needed and can be done with the people gathering, is one thing, these do nothings for a free lifde can still be accomodated, just not funding all those who distribute "our wealth"  Srates present bills and pass then. Most important is many states create interim courts, court from the circuit courts to the Supreme Courts, a middle court so to speak some good many bad. BUT, within our states the people can present and pass a peoples court with multi-jurisdiction, such as many states have Constables that are multijurisdictional. These court would be from the cross section of the community not inundated with attoeneys and professional politicians, in fact there are maybe three (3) long term politicians in existence that may be able to sit in forums as this. These courts would be of primanry jurisdiction of judicial appointments and dicipline, attorney decipline,  state agencies oversight as the CPS/DSS and LLR (states licencing labor are review which as in some states expanded to manage doctors and intemidate them if they don't lie in favor of sex trafficking oue children (I have almost unbelievable amount of evidence there, and a huge amount of victims. To date no place to vindicate these crule crimes against innocent parents and children.  The federal judges are controlled by the lawyers chosing knowing that their misconduct will eventually reach a federal court and abuse of procedural dismissals, as we see now, our Supreme Court violating all their former Supreme Courts laws and common law.  Use of Rooker-Feldman is just a means of the good ole boy club saying, "no justice here, ansention doctrines, abuse of summary judgment dismissals, worst to date.  Which allows a judge to "amke-up" facts and even twist them to say a jury could never find in your favor, or your allegation are not reviuewable by a jury in their courts, the biggest flaw is let a jury decide in a preliminary hearing if the facts alleged are with merit and applies to the law. Not as lately I have seen Federal Judges former bar compliant lawyers who threw out meriorius claims just to get appointed, by a "litany of lawyers endorcements" who then create procderurals issues to deny. again. a right to reduress wrongs done, i.e. wrongs overtly done by a judge too, the scheme is to take stong and evidenced claims and them have judges break the rules of court, misread complaints and then as you are now complelled to walk these things through the court you are accused of accusing everyone wrongly, and all the while your allegations and evidence are completely avoided... THESE ARE OUR JUDGES AND COURTS OF TODAY, ALL MOTIONS TO DISMISS AND SUMMARY JUDGEMENT MOTIONS MUST BE DENIED THE ABILITY TO HAVE A JUDGE, SUA SPONTE, THROW THESE CASES OUT.  to be appointed to the Federal Bench, Few great me are reaching that forum these days. WE ARE FAR WORSE THAN MANY 3RD WORLD COUNTRIES AND HAVE AMASED COURTS AND CORRUPT POLITICIANS ALL THROUGH OUR EVERYDAY LIFE, PURE THEATRICS, THESE POLITICIANS CAN'T CREATE ENOUGH EVIL SO THEY CAN BE THE DAILY STAR OF THE SHOW IN OUR EVERYDAY NEWS CYCLE. LOOK BACK 10 YEARS AGO, THESE. MOSTLY UGLY PEOPLE, WERE NOT AN EVERYDAY THING, THEY PAVE THEIR WAY INTO OUR LIVES WITH MEANINGLESS CRAP AND OUT-RIGHT LIES TO BE "ON TV, AND THE FACT THE RULES OF COURT, THE CONSTITUTION AND LAWS ARE BROKEN IS SKIPPED OVER. 

    • When you go off into never, never land, you l;ose 99% of your readers. Did you do that on purpose? Are you a troll that has nothing better to do then to spew a bunch of garbage that has no meaning?

    • its a specialk audiance, I have and advise a large group in protracted litgation, and a major win on May 28, 2020 in nthe 4th Circuit.... My rant, as you likely, and correctly interpret, was a response after that win on a major issue being abused by a lot of Federal Judges.... to that after having a ruling in hand, called law of the case, that Federal judge (newly appointed, and was ap[pointed by Obama and was not given a seat and then Trump folowed up, and not he sits on cases he legally should not) thumbing his nose at both the law and the his higher courts ruling, that judge skips right over that case law and pretends to toss the case again, ignoring as if there was no appeal at all.  WORSE... Gas lighting, law of the case and this case was left dismissed without prejudice at every level, yet there is a narrow rule of law that makes the without prejudice dismissal as if its with prejudice, when a year passes. This case not only was the dates pretty much in our faces, that district court judge kjept implying that a year had past, when his January 2020 dismissal was reversed May 28 2020, the mandate took hold and the re-briefed (amended complaint, which involved new claims since the oposing side continued to violate civil rights of the person I had aided litigating this for.  This is the 4th time since 1994 what the filing system called pacer in the fed courts was tampered with. Its clear that we had walked pleadings to the courthouse and got a stamped file copy (and like this voter fraud, was mis-stated as a date that made the pleadings out of time, times barred, while clearly we knew we had filing deadlines we had to comply with of it becomes a jurisdictional bar to that case and those facts. So, my rant, you see at complicated, and it may be, but its important. What I reveal is people say "how can this happen?" I show you how  and the why, I really should start shortening it and in hopes of ggettingh someone asking me more about what I'm getting at. We have a very simple thing, we all are being destroyed by our government and the players have "bombshells twice a day" and our daily activity is some more pile of lies make up to turn us against each other and keep a stress level up. These government and media monsters has reached into life and all the lies is having a damaging result on us, our kids and on whoever the cancel culture targets, Kamala Harris raising money for bail for killers and looters, but is allowing more of the same invited across the border, The virus "is in fact manufatured" yet the second version is too, the sad thing is its real and so many don't trust this government and some protection is needed (like you noticed about me) is it that they lied so much we ignor this threat to our detriment (yes) The kids is the distraction by government only one child has died from it.  Back to what i'm saying and added is all those held in DC jail are illegally being held as if the constitution is suspended and basically, is has been. when in Michigan, Pennsylvainia, Arizona and Georgia, the secretary of states violated Federal law by certifying the elections when the error rate violated the .008 perameter of the federal mandate... so that is ignored, double scaning ballots, suit cases and on the recount video showing two old white guys (like me) taking massive amounts of presorted vote stacks from thew trump stack to the biden stack, the lie about connected to the internet, they were, built in special chip to do so and was transmitting through a wifi termostat while on live TV in Georgia. How much more obvious can it be. By the way, the case I was relating to, was a family court case where the woman cheated on he husband and was playing a roll going to marriage counseling while still cheating with a married man, all the expectation of lying her way into a win wasn't working so she allowed that case to be settled just to bring it again in a few months, What is happening all over our state is selling a second chance to win the same case, and literally allow a second case to be brougt and if you can getr an attorney to file foir a dismissal for its illegality, the judgesa are on board to ignor that. In this case the complaining persons (the persons I helped prepare the pleadings) was shut up and shut down, with appointing a guardian ad liem that was formerly her attorney that enbded with a huge conflict, and that attorney/Guardian actually broke into her house to find what he could but was looking for a sim card with porn on it that the woman had given the young kids, That this man was caught by the older son rummaging through the house and when he let him go he ran away. no wrrant no probale cause, this has gone on for 5 years and not onc ehad this been able to be presented, her husband wasa the once with the kids from that marriage and he had a bad heart and allerted the court, the judge doing everything to stop evidence of all these crimes within a court syetem just stopped letting her sit in on the trial that she was a defendant and that judge also denied her new attorney to sit in on that trial (YES YOU HEARD THAT RIGHT)  Thats what my rant was about, when this hit the fed court it was assigned to one set of judge/magistrate.  The newly appointed fed judge came in grabbed the case and dismissed it for reasons the 4ht Circuit court of appeals saqid was "unfounded" and in error. Thing is, that judge never alerted ourside of his entry into the case. Under title 28 USC 144, bias and prejudice of a judge. You have 30 days to file notice of that persopnal bias. Since this judge was previously the bar investigator and actually taked to everyone about this case, he was mandtorily bared from being the judge, and jumping and and dismissing the case before a change of judges was made known. This circumstance is mandatory by canons of judicial ethics (canon 3 and 6) completely bars this judge and his ruling, yet here we are back on appeal with tampered with filings regardless of actual court stamped copies..... Notice of the heart conditionj being forced to sit outside the courtroom, the lies and stress of losing his sons was too much, her husband colapsed in the court room and later died from all this illegality in the hospital. That also was faciltated by the bad people o on the otherside of this case, added abused the kids in plan sight and the courrruption was the cops had the bad persons stalking my lets say friend, and video was taken from a CVS security camera and placed in the police evidence locker, the corruption was so bad that a different cop came in got a segment of that security footage and replaced it (openly) in the evidence room. These cases often incorporate dirty cops (the many) when a scheme like this begins. In this case the entirely innocent was destroyed and killed and lots of proof froma  case that never has a right to exist. 5 years later, two more state judges has been comprimised, let cases be brought against my friend that court has no jurisdiction or standing just to tell her she will be going to jail if she continues to bring these facts into the local courts (and an attorney used the fed litigation in in court statements unrelated to state case. The state case was brought as anuntimely appeal where, (1) she made a motion to dismiss for previously litigated, granted then brought he back into court (a naster in equity court, and tried the case, denied opening statements and denied a jury as requested.... later in the judge judicial merits hearing it was questioned that he had a lot of complaints against him, in state records, the judge said "they are only pro se complaints (pro per)  and accepted by the judicial merits committee. Meaning..  that means a lot we the injured will have no voice are consideration by our judicial merits committee. Before, they lied (that committee) saying she didn't have properly certified mailed her evidence to that committee, she did. The state has someone in the Fed mail system that erased the entire mailing history.... HOWEVER, GOOGLE HAS SOMETHING CALLED GOOGLE SPYDERS, THAT A SAME LOCATION THAT UPLOADED PHOTOS WILL HAVE OTHER PHOTOS STORED IN GOOGLR CLOUD, WELL WE FOUND IT AND THE ENVELOP WAS IN A PHOTO AND HER CETIFIED MAILING WAS IN THE MAILROOM PROPTED UP BEING PASSED OVER (PURPOSELY WE SAY) THEN IT WAS USED AND THERE ARE 4 POINTS  THAT MUST BE PROVEN TO SUSPEND A JUDGE, SHE BEGAN AND HAD ALL EVIDENCE IN THAT ENVELOP 9AND IF YOU DON'T FOLLOW THAT PROCEDURE YOU WILL NEVER BE HEARD (IT SHOULD BE A CIVILIAN BODY HEARING THESE CASES) HOWEVER, PREVAILING ON PART "1" A RECESS WAS TAKEN AND OTHERS THERE WITH SIMILAR COMPLAINTS WENT TO TALK DURING THE BREAK, THE CAPITOL POLICE WAS TOLD TO SEPARATE EVERYONE EVEN THOUGH THEY WERE NOT PART OF THE OTHER CASES AND THOSE POLICE USED FORCE. t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 

    • Then again, perhaps I am being too understanding (lookie Albert, said in one sentence) ?


    • Gosh Allen, I figure not to take it too seriously. In a forum, sooner or later you come to know, if you lose the audiences attention, you defeat your purpose.

      Maybe he has a lot to say. I try to leave a long winded dog lying myself. Maybe it is self-therapy in nervous times like these. I now have two rather strong willed 

      contributors that supported the other in secession promotion as currently bonafide, at a time when not ONE skirmish has been held, and not one federal dictatorial martial law

      declaration with mass arrests pronounced (but the FBI activities are very close). I know secession is not likely, but also know they likely need to vent their spleens for the frustrations sake. 

      I believe our Nation shall prevail and see another day.


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