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  • Never thought I would agree with Farrakhan. Everything is upside down

    • You know Farrakhan Voted for O'Biden & thus will take a few million dollar bride from Camel & Joe & tell his followers the "Death Shot" will be okay for them to take! Of course Ferry Com will get the Pelesebo like the Politicians took!

    • That was my first thought when I read the headline.

  • "Shot in the arm, shot head the head-EITHER way you will be dead"!!!!!!!!!!! Is Ferry-Commie saying he doesn't trust Brother Gates & Fudge Dicks Death Shot?? Maybe, he's smarter than we thought???????/ NO, someone told him to say that!! NO DOUBT!! If a white guy said that-he would be declared A White Domestic Terrorist & MLB would cancel all games in his home town! Don't forget Coccaine Cola, too!

  • The dems been looking for any reason to start a race war, so what's the difference.

  • I predict Muslims will be exempt (not unlike burkas through airport security during bho years), and their brand becomes more appealing ... Part of their plan?

  • Farrakhan knows more about our constitution and the right of the people then the idiot fake president and his stupid followers.

  • I never thought I would be on the same side as Louis Farakhan.  But here we are.  The enemy of your enemy is your friend.


  • Quite unlike crybaby dems and republicans, at least they take a stand and probably will stick to it

    • Wouldn't surprise me at all!

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