• There are waay too many videos of thugs in law enforcement violating citizens Constitutional rights.  The thugs cops in this video should aall be charged with violation of the man's civil liberties.  I no longer support law enforcement personnel.  It seems once they get a badge and a gun they forget about the Constitution they took an oath to support and defend.  We are living in a police state, and the police are becoming the enemies of the people.  Perhaps it is time to replace thug cops with individuals who will support Constitutional rights.  Stop paying thug cop salaries.                                                                                                                                                                

  • These officers didn't win any frends with these illegal actions.

    I have done my best to support the police during the crap that has come down the last few years but actions like this and the Jan 6 police screwups have me rethinking my position.  I am starting to belive that defunding the police is a good idea.

  • Those in attendance should have stood up and blocked the doors until the man was released... it is time to sue for false arrest and at the same time name the officers and board as individuals in the suite.. we must hold INDIVIDUAL OFFICERS and BOARD MEMBERS ACCOUNTABLE... financially, and criminally.

  • Looks like Utah has gone woke.  Of course with Romney as one of its Senators, that is to be expected.

    • Utah has been a liberal mess since it became the silicone valley of the Rockies.

  • What's wrong with Utah?

  • Seems to me that some of these communities need to re-think their voting practices! How did these knuckleheads get on the school board anyway??? They got their happy Butts voted in!!! Someone voted! 


  • McCay also told everyone not to be jerks at the beginning of the meeting. Very disgraceful!

  • Utah Senate meeting on stopping Vaccine Passports. Chairman McCay it totally to blame for this !!

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