• looks like a guy in the middle of the night going to subway for a sandwich

    • Are you thinking this could be Jussie Smollett again??  :) 

  • it's going to get worse as the day goes by.

  • Here is something to consider... How many cases do you think the DOJ has deliberately thrown in order to establish law by precedent for an otherwise despicable liberal cause? Cases to dismiss the Defense of Marriage Act, were struck down for some of the poorest defense arguments ever made.  Then there is the bogus Roe vs. Wade case.  It was judge shopped, managed, and packaged before ever being filed. The Court of Origin, the Appellate Court, and the client used to bring the case were all carefully selected.  The government defense team was carefully managed by sympathetic baby butchers in the DOJ. 

    This sort of managed justice has repeated itself ad infinitum over the past decades... as activist courts worked to create laws that support the Marxist Cultural War.  Court rulings have destroyed much of our underlying morality as a nation.   The Federal and State Judiciary has done what Congress would and could not do... without being turned out of office.  It is time to start holding Judges, by the truckload, accountable for their ethics and criminal violations.  Such judicial conduct is not rare.  Managed Justice has become a well-worn path for establishing law that would not be possible without the efforts of fiat justice and the corrupt courts.

  • Is this for real or is this a liberal stunt to help paint all conservatives as blatant lunatics?

    • Yes,it's a stunt.They're conditioning the public for the next phase of their Totalitarian installation. Our Extermination. It's a cultural thing. Ask the P.O.S. Usrper,Biden


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