• Thank you! I think there going to start war or kill Trump to start war! While banks fall due same thing in 1930's so many government agencies have robbed and paid of businesses, along with elected officials! To help deep state run it like a operation with FBI!!!! Democrats state along with government don't know how to stop Trump!

  • And no Terrorism narrative for BLM, Antifa or the Brown Shirt FBI

  • The FBI is rogue and needs to be disbanded.

  • This is the kind of abuse that directly points to weaponizing federal law enforcement against dissident political factions in the USA.  The director of the FBI and most of the upper echelon need to be fired.  The FBI has lost all credibility as the primer world law enforcement agency... and they have done it in record time.

    • scary but true.. You're a wise man Col. You know what needs to be done and the responsibility lies in the hands of the people... Thanks for your informative posts..

  • Yet the scum that burn businesses down, beat up cirizens, destroy churches and wreak havoc in many of America's cities are good citizens.

    • Its a travesty of Justice.. Those dirt bags need their asses kicked!!

  • When, in fact, the FBI has become THE domestic terrorists by, for one, attacking parents. Wray needs his but handed to him.

  • This is B.S. you and everyone else knows it. FBI needs to be cleaned out to the point that No One is left in the J Edgar Hoover Building!!!

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