• President Truman once round up the illegals and got them out of the country you don't have to believe me just search for yourself and you will find out if is true, but today Democrats are not the party of Truman or Kennedy this party are communist .

    • Democrats have plenty of communists, but they are the party of globalist bankers Loenzo

  • Everything about ur southern border should be a state issue and the federal government out of it. 

    • Unfortunately, immigration and border security are a federal responsibility under enumerated powers and the Supreme court has already reaffirmed that.

    • Immigration and citizenship are Federal Powers granted to it by the US Constitution... States don't have the Constitutional authority to regulate immigration or citizenship requirements. 

      The Naturalization Clause can be found in Article I, Section 8, Clause 4 of the Constitution... Section 8 grants Congress the responsibility to “establish a uniform Rule of Naturalization”. It determines how an immigrant can become a citizen of the U.S.  The several states have no controlling authority to regulate immigration or the granting of naturalized citizenship.  However, they do have a right and duty to defend their borders from illegal entry and invasion.

      The Fourteenth Amendment has been seriously compromised and abused... Its supposed Citizenship Clause is one of the most twisted judicial findings, wrongly guaranteeing 'birthright citizenship.  There is no birthright citizenship for children born to illegal aliens on US Soil... none.  This must be corrected in a Constitutional AMendment OR BY STATUTORY authority defining and clarifying the 14th Amendment ... reversing the Administrative State's regulatory policy and the Federal Courts rulings on birthright citizenship.

      The several states do have the Constitutional power to declare the existence of an invasion and breach of their soverignty and borders... they have the constitutional right to petition the Federal Government to properly and promptly DEFEND their borders from an invasion fronted as illegal migration... and to act in defense of their borders until properly relieved by the Federal Government.  Proper relief would require the federal government to demonstrate its ability to seal the border from illegal migration.

      It is time for the Governors and Legislatures to mobilize their National Guard forces to defend their borders... notifying Congress by petition of their actions.  They need to petition Congress for a 'Declaration of War against Mexico, and those belligerent states DIRECTING their indigent and criminal populations to illegally enter the USA, to overload and destroy our social services, economy, and soverignty... by waging asymmetrical warfare... thru mass migration and its effects. Then watch as Mexico suddenly reforms their border policy and the cartels disappear ... from our border towns... as they all run for cover. 

      We are at war with Mexico and the Marxists States south of our borders ... it is time to declare it.  No more nice guys.











    • I responded before I saw your response, which is far more detailed, informative and exacting.

    • Don't need you to lecture old man! I said it SHOULD........not that it is!

    • More personal acrimony and insult... my post was not for you alone... albiet you could use an educaiton on the US Constitution.

    • I dare say she could use a lesson in civility

    • Than don't address it to me old man! 

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