• Not to be gross but why do men always think with the "wrong head"

    • It's like diarrhea, it runs in our genes.

  • Sad part is there are many so called Rs in on all of this stuff as they also are guilty & very afraid of Trump & what he will bring out in the open on all of them. Since when is it against the law to have an affair? Many many of them would be guilty of that. 

  • I bet I know congress men and senators that had better keep their mouths Shut! And their heads down.  Otherwise the poop will hit the fan. Now will I contribute to Trump's campaign??  Probably. 1 did he have a affair? Evidently. 2 I am not voting him in for pastor of my church. I am voting for President of my country. As long as he will go after the far left,  antifa ,blm, I will support this man!! 


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