• I say break Disney's back.  Demonstrate to those other globalist corporations that there can indeed be a downside.  Watch as stock holders suffer and management falls.  Now realign the American government with the American people.  Just as Twitter is more than a bunch of ideological, leftest jerks in San Francisco sitting on the board with almost no ownership of stock just predispositions towards tyranny; grotesque attacks on innocent and helpless children and the families trying to protect them by sexual perverts, freaks and predators simply won't be tolerated even, if it has to mean a Spanish type civil war. 


    If I had to choose between Franco and what we have now in America, I would choose Franco.  If the cost of Chile's disappeared were the price to be paid for the removal of these dysfunctional perverts and freaks from the public square, then so be.  This has gone far too far.  The time has come to begin the reversal.  Don't you dare speak to a homeless, starving man fighting wolves to save his child's life about costs and lines that mustn't be crossed.  Confronted with death and fighting for one's child,or family, there can be no consequences worthy of consideration.  Fuck Disney where it breathes.  De Santis for President

    • You might like to remember that Franco stood with the Nazis, and he had concentration camps and mass murder on his hands too, children didn't escape these horrors, they too fell victims to all the violence. True, they didn't target children,  but they hurt them. As a famous Nazi said at his trial, children grow up and they get angry at what happened and turn into a problem, we eliminated the problem before it became a problem.

      I agree as to take down Disney, destroy them, they betrayed a sacred trust, just like the Catholic  Church did when they targeted children. Disney built a kingdom about children then turned on them...they are disgusting pigs, they should all have to walk around marked as pedifiles!

      Trump for president, DeSantis VP! That gives us 12 rather than 8 years!

    • The Catholic Church didn't betray a scared trust... some corrupt priests and bishops did! The Church's teachings on the immorality of the homosexual lifestyle, child molesting and lying to cover up your transgressions have not changed. Throughout history, there have always been failed humans within the Church that Jesus established, even in His own time. Judas betrayed Him to His death and Peter, the man Jesus Himself had picked to be the future leader of His Church, denied that he knew Our Lord three times during His hours of greatest need! There is evidence coming out now that the leftist communists deliberately targeted and infiltrated Catholic (and other) seminaries in the 1920s and 1930s with trained agents who lied about having a vocation to the priesthood or ministry. They joined the Church dishonestly, pretending to be faithful so that they could rise in the ranks and later, by their horrible actions, discredit Catholic moral standing in the minds of people like you, who broadly pour your moral outrage and condemnation on both the good and the bad, without distinction. Because of this, these immoral imposters have succeeded in weakening the Church's power, as a spiritual influence, to oppose their plans to create a godless, secular humanistic society.

  • Thank God and CONGRATULATIONS to Ron DeSantis.  May God continue to protect and guide you as you walk among the enemies of this country.

  • I understand that demons scream a lot when they are being cast out of an otherwise healthy human body!

  • The screams of demons who are upset they can't indoctrinate our kids. We are at war for the souls of our children. Congratulations to Florida.

  • Do any de"mock"rat crybabies care about this country?  Do they have any morals or ethics?  It certainly doesn't seem taht way. 

    I am very impressed with Governor DeSantis. 

  • DeSantis just keeps getting better and better!!!

    • He is paving his way back to DC, I'd be surprised if he was not picked for VP! What a team it would be!

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