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  • This is what our country is coming to?

    • Yes Sir it is sad but true thanks to Obama.

  • She reminds me of the he/she of Dr Levine, one of bitemes appointment. Like she is really a he.

  • This is a serious game they are playing, this had nothing to do with the virus, rather it’s about shifting money, all the money......power to a select few!

    Scared people will do whatever they are told, they were able to shut down the entire world economy, kept everyone at home, and now they are pushing their vaccine. The only identity benefiting from the “vaccine” is the company producing it......they never sold so many in such a short time, without ever testing it long enough to know what it will do in a year, five, or ten years! After the first two shots, NOW they tell the world they will have to do it again EVERY YEAR to be affective.

    Hahahahahahaha, they sucked in most of the world calling it a vaccine, when in reality it’s just a the flu shot, useless because they are only guessing what it will be the next time. This virus is ever changing, you can’t develope a vaccine unless it’s a stable virus, this shot does nothing to protect people.......or they would tell all those “vaccinated” to take off their masks! It’s all a lie.......1984!

    While we are spinning our wheels over a virus created by China (with Fouci’s approval) that kills less people than the flu and has basically no affect on the young, China is buying up everything, businesses, mines, ports, spreading communist propaganda all over the world, creating a robotic army as if they don’t have enough people  to die for them, aiming to take out out sattlelights.......without them our military is BLIND! The virus was a magic trick, watch this hand....while the other gets control of the world!

    Look at our schools what they are “teaching”, look at the school boards of every state and be shocked! Look at out legal institutions filled with leftist creating the chaos we have been seeing for several years and still going on......over black lives! Hahahahaha another insane thing, the self admitted communists of BLM! 

    I came from communism, it took me 5 year to get out legally.....i didn’t escape because I wanted them to open the door for me so I can walk out, and i did! I know how they function, who they are, how they talk, we better start pushing back in all parts of our lives because they are winning. We better get involved in local governments and push back with everything we have.......or soon we’ll have NOTHING left!

    The virus is nothing! Get some Quercentin at any vitamin store and you’ll be fine........but America will not survive unless we all stand together!


    • I believe you are correct, but believe also that the CCP is being played as a tool by the New World Order. Conventional war will not be used to neutralize the Chinese regime and population, but rather gene-specific bio-weaponry. No need to launch anything. Just let the winds blow.

  • when this cdc official is standing before god and she sees white people in heaven then will she plead to go to the other place

  • I am a black man I refuse to take the vaccine period because it's going to lead to the mark of the beast the Bible tells us that.

    • Thank you.  I don't have plans to get a vaccine either.  And since they are discussing combining the COVID and the flu vaccines, I also will not get the flu shot ever again.

    • Good for you I feel the same way, and I believe that the demorats want us to take it too badly for some reason.

    • Amen.  Out of fear I got vaccinated.  I now seriously regret that.

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