• Rinos and GOP leadership won't do anything about this because they want to see Trump supported candidates fail. And what are we goin to do about it? Same as they do about the election in Arizona: NOTHING. We will still vote Republican up and down the ballot no matter what. So, why are we complaining?

  • Republicans where the hell are you starting with McConnell and the rest of his Rinos 

  • Yes Certify nothing until you get to the true numbers. You owe it to the citizens of Arizona.  When you find someone who voted illegally arrest them, and I say them because there will not be just one person. Make an example of them. 

  • They should certify nothing until we know the true count!

  • Two Words Forensic Audit. Whoever Wins  Wins. End of story . No funny votes, No dead folks voting, no voting 2-3 times. Just fair and Honest. That's all anybody can ask for. 

    • Now... if it can only be done?   

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