• Communist stole the election. It was SO IN YOUR FACE!!!...........Now they're PUNISHING US!!!!

  • I thought the voter audits in subject were called and controled by each State and that the Fed Gov was not involved.

    if the Fed Gov will decide to make them public or not, then we are doomed.

  • seems there are two stories and the main one is successfully avoided by the media and the Head of the Senate, the praised kanen Fan is the worst enemy of the people. While cating (having to act as a matter of law to the dsemands of the people... she is not. She has lied and now has alleged that thge Marricopa county were allowed to tamper with ballots, we know thats a lie, she is far more devoted to the fellow politicians than to any Arizona citizen. Its time to syuspend the Senate to rectify the truth and obtain the subpoenaed material. The County Suprevisors has committed crimes and the Senate is allowing it,. and now has lied about it.  First the senate said the Ballots were to be sent to the Treasurer, and were not, then the County iollegally decoded they would tamper with ballots and machines completely without any legal authority and after that material is missing, of course any lies as like Donald duck, as a republican done it.   Peoblem is is worse than anything "public preception, no action against the crimes, Karen Fans internal e-mails shows she is againbst that audit and saying nothing will be found... she should know she is lying about giving permission to allow a county audit, which was just machine tampering.  WE need a arrest and exposure, not no action on the many crimes and alows lying media to say what it is with no reply from the Senate. The Karen Fan is on the otherside allowing media lies to cause distention among the people,  Lets see, a number of frivolous law suits by the county, they lose and agree to comply and don't, the lie make promises, court ordered, and as the Fisa Court, the law is going to be broken and karen Fan and the newly appointed corrupt judge rewarded these crime and the media lies. Media should have had a gag order after all the facts... whats the problem, Ther Senaye has a lawyer who is not fight for the people but protecting the crime and like a shark circling to destroy the peoples will and criminals continue to take public office.

  • I wonder if we will ever see the results of the audit.  With Commie Garland being involved and wanting to review all the audits, I am afraid they might be hidden,. He knows, as do we all, that the 2020 election was fraudulent, but there is no way he will release that information. 

  • There is only one Country in Europe (the UK) that does not have VOTER ID  I have been advocating for VOTER ID for years. Sure the Dems do not want it. How could they cheat. 

  • I hope they expose this evil and people wake up, but remember to put our faith in Jesus not a man

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